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I think my whole high school experience was great. I loved all of my teachers and the custodian/cafeteria staff. I would love to see the school work on bullying just a little bit more. Although there is not a lot of bullying, i think we can always improve to make our school feel even safer.
My aunt experience in high school was good but not the best. My high school is so far in the middle of nowhere and I was one of the only African American students. The things I would change would be the superintendent of the school and replace the new guidance counselor with the old guidance counselor.
I have been a student at Fairfield since Kindergarden and have lived in the area my whole life. I am going to be a junior this fall. Fairfield is a very small school as my graduating class of 2019 has around 98 students. The school is mainly white students with 5 black students. The office staff are amazing and the principal is very nice and you often see him coming to support the school in all of its involvements including football games.
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The school nurse attends to any kind of problems that the students could be experiencing. There is not a lot of health risks.
I love how committed the members of certain clubs are.
I like how involved that the parents get at sports events. I would choose this school again but only because of all the fond memories I have experienced and the people who I have met along the way.
All the teachers do their best to make all the students understand what they are teaching.
There aren't a ton of security measures, but it's such a small community that we don't really need it.
There are tons of extracurricular activities, and since it's such a small school, you can participate in a lot of them. I've been in at least five each year.
A lot of parents get super into sports, especially soccer, and can be disrespectful
Most are friendly and willing to help outside of class, but there are a few that are pretty intimidating
Most of the teachers at Fairfield Area High School that I've had or met were great to work with and have helped me tremendously. Their teaching styles are usually engaging and involve open discussion with the students. All of the teachers I've had were highly knowledgeable about the topic they were teaching, especially the math, science, and literature teachers. The teachers are able to help students with questions and problems in a way that encouraged learning, rather than just answering a question. The teachers generally take an interest in the students, and are friendly and available for academic assistance. They communicate well with students, and usually answer emails about school questions promptly and helpfully or make time to help. Across the board, teachers grade fairly consistently within their own classes; for example, one teacher might grade things more harshly in all the classes that they teach than another teacher might grade in all their classes. Overall, I like the teachers at Fairfield Area High School, and some of them I'm sad to no longer have classes with.
Terrible experience with teachers, only a few go above and beyond to help students succeed. Many teachers are lazy and do not care to put in effort. A lot of the teachers complain about their job and the administration is awful about consistancy. School sports are awful and there many rules prohibiting school spirit.
I always felt safe. Yeah there was bullying but it seemed minimal. If there was bullying, everyone knew who was doing it and a lot of the time it was solved by the students.
I am glad this is where I cam from. I would do it 100 times over, and it is apart of me forever. I played sports, I laughed with friends, and I learned things that will last a lifetime. I knew everybodys name and they knew mine.
Its school food, nothing really special about it. Nothing really wrong with it though.
Never had a problem. Serious misconduct is handled properly and good students that commit lighter violations usually are left with a warning.
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There is a lot of opportunities in sports at this school. There is nice equipment provided for the teams and the physical fields are taken care of pretty well. There is a small but decent weight room, a newer wrestling room and two gymnasiums.
I had a great experience with all my teacher while attending. Almost all of them were very supporting and willing to help. Plus they even seemed to care about me as an individual person.
Plenty to do with the school. Plenty of room or more students to get involved.
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