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My experience at Fairfax Senior High School was full of many adventures. Throughout my four years, I have experienced many ups and down regarding my relationships with friends. The campus and administrators made the television movies come to life. Everyone was very supportive and helpful. Such as the teachers, who have put interest into helping me get the best grade that I can. There is a lot of partner work in which I am very fond of. Partner work makes it easier to understand learn from different perspectives. I would recommend this to future generations because it has helped me grow by learning how to adapt to new and challenging situations.
Fairfax introduced me to a group of individuals that i'm thankful to call my friends. Although it has been a rollercoaster, it was the best rollercoaster. I have had so many good memories that i will cherish for the rest of my life.
Its a good school with a lot of diversity and really good teachers. Then the administrators could be better but I guess they are okay.
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What I liked about Fairfax Senior High was that many of the teachers are involved in trying to help you get a good grade in their class and inform you about tutoring opportunities. However, not all teachers are like this. Many students have trouble and sometimes help and motivation is needed by the teachers. Other than that, I'd have to say the faculty is helpful when a student needs help but the bathrooms are still very dirty and the food is disgusting.
I honestly feel that the school really needs to start paying more attention to their students’ mental health. The school is really bad at help people with their emotional problems.
Fairfax has so many good offers for me since I’m in the magnet and they help me with everything. Since a freshman I have been comfortable with everyone at fairfax. The Magnet program is such a great experience because they help everyone find there passion with the classes. The systems they have a perfect because they are trying to prepare us for the future. I love how the teachers are always involved with each student for they can archive their goal.
My experience ate Fairfax so far has been very good. I have found that the school is welcoming and the teachers are amazing. the school teams are also very good this year we have not started on the right foot but we can still make a come back as we have some of the best teams in all the LAUSD school district and have several sponsorships.
Fairfax High School is overall a really good school. The teachers are really good, the staff is overall involved, and the school is really persistent on having the students go to college.
Overall the school isn't the problem, it's mainly the district and how they cant seem to support their schools by just saying they can't do so. Personally I see plausible change if the district could give a helping hand.
At first like every single freshman I didn't like high school. After a while eventually I began to get used to the campus, the teacher, and of course all my classmates. Before I realized it I really iked Fairfax. It's a very good school. The teachers are amazing some are strict but it's normal all they try to do is prepare you for college. They are sometimes very strict about do dates of assignments but actually they're teaching us students to be responsable for anything coming out way on the future. The staff is also a big part of what Fairfax high school is, they make sure everyone is on time in class and help you with any doubts or questions you have. Trust me Fairfax High School is the best choice you have and you will never regret it.
A lot of the teachers treat some of the troubled kids like trash instead of trying to educate and help them. There also isn’t a good handle on bullying there. There are some really great teachers as well, but the bad out weighs the good.
If you are really into sports, Fairfax is an excellent place to shoot for. Especially when it comes to our Basketball and Football teams. We also have an Art magnet, with plenty of teachers, and special events for the magnet students. You don't have to be necessarily good at art to be in the Art Magnet. When it comes to school food, it is decent, until it comes to the portions of the lunch and breakfasts. Students get around half a sand-which, milk, and yogurt for lunch, and a juice with a small pancake for breakfast. The taste is fine but the amount is too small, especially because the students are in high school. Teacher for the most part are average, some are good while others are... not so much.
The high school is large with over 3,000 students. Types of students range from those who have no enthusiasm for the school to those who use their school time to the maximum productivity. Most teachers do their best to support students in education and even club activities.
I like that the school offers numerous AP classes, as well as after school college courses. There are also certain teachers that go above and beyond for their students. In addition, there are tutoring offered three days a week if students need additional help.
The kids aren’t very open to new faces. I moved the last leg of my senior year and it was sort of hard making friends. It’s right in the heart of fashion district so dress for success! The teachers were pretty cool and they work with you when you need help which is awesome.
The school perfectly captures the diverseness of the country and all students are united as a team. Clubs, sports, and academics equally weigh almost the same importance and quality. The whole student body is energetic, responsible, and respectful. Security guards are well organized throughout the school since the school is located on Melrose which is a busy street. The school don't provide a lot of AP classes but the teachers have passion and full of knowledge which better the students to be prepared for college life.
Fairfax Senior High School has given me the best experience I could’ve gotten from any other school. The people the you become friends with are truly the most diverse and multi fascinating individuals. The people make a huge difference when attending a high school.
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Fairfax Senior High School is not a good school. The teachers there show a lack of enthusiasm and effort in their teaching methods. Students frequently disrespect their peers and the teachers do almost nothing about it. The administrators do a poor job at organizing school events and keeping the students under control.
Fairfax was as life changing as getting a new haircut. In the beginning I was full of excitement towards this next big step closer to adulthood. However, as I settled into the same old creaky chairs I realized how much of a disappointment school actually was. The lessons were vague and the students would display the same lack of vigor as the teacher would give them in turn. There were times when the rare few teachers who were still passionate about the subject they were teaching about the students whose minds they wished to open would truly urge me to keep going everyday. To keep going so that I could absorb as much knowledge, whether that was in life or in academia. The class discussions were so enlightening that the school lunch actually had taste to it, the writing on the restroom stalls were funny, and the days were bearable.
My experience with Fairfax Senior High School wasn't poor. It wasn't excellent either. Some teachers there show excitement and enthusiasm in the way they teach. You can clearly tell that those teachers loved learning as students and genuinely love to teach. There are a handful of teachers that clearly don't care about their jobs as a teacher and lack the ability to correctly teach a class using their own methods.
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