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I would like complaints about teachers to be taken more seriously, other than that the school is good. The students and the staff are friendly and helpful. The facilities are alright. I had an ok time in this school.
I honestly love Fairfax High School! I love the environment that it gives off because everyone there is so welcoming. It's a very diverse community which is very refreshing. I enjoy the staff because they really connect with you and if you were to have a problem I know I could confine in one of the many people working there. I have absolutely loved every single teacher I have had since my sophomore year at Fairfax. They have always pushed me to try my best and support me no matter what. You can't find these things at just any other high school.
Great people, bad administrators, most teachers good. Went all four years, the food was horrible the athletics were okay, the programs for resources were amazing.
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Fairfax high school was a very diverse school with many great teacher. They held learning at a high standard and created an environment that felt inclusive.
Being a military kid who had just come from Kentucky, it was a very different scene, It's extremely crowded between classes, the teachers can be overbearing, and the kids weren't too welcoming.
No one wanted to be involved which really made the environment of going to school terrible. Good teachers and facilities which are sadly wasted because everyone is so eager to leave at the end of the day even more so compared to other high schools. No aspect of camaraderie or school spirit
The range of AP Classes available was helpful, especially preparing me for college. The school spirit was bad and the sense of community was little to none. Many of the teachers were mean, and inconsiderate and some did not care.
I believe the hallways are a bit crammed and tight, but most teachers are very nice, students get along pretty well.
I like Fairfax High School. Because it has wonderful library and librarians.
And teachers are so kind, helpful, smart and always respect each other. Students are competitive and listen each other. Also, building is so big and clean. Classrooms are big, and comfortable. But in winter, it was so cold, in spring it is so hot. I think they need to care about weather inside of school.
I've been at Fairfax High School since 2014 and this is my last year. I've never heard of seniors sharing their prom with juniors before as prom is suppose to be a special event for seniors. Nonetheless, I attended the prom with a friend of mine who was a junior. I then found out that the juniors are the ones that plan the senior activities and this confused me even more. I didn't understand why the school would allow and different grade level to plan such a special year that they aren't apart of. I believe it takes away from the excitement of being a senior. Then, I found out that they don't have a senior trip and at this point, I'm wondering what's there to look forward to as a senior other than to graduate and leave the school. I moved on to my junior year and attend my classes, went home, and maintain my average. Now, I'm a senior and there's no special activities for us (seniors) to partake in, to end our four year career and at the school.
One of the most diverse schools in the area, fairfax is usually a place where a lot is happening. Such as Wellness Week or Spirit Week. However, they do tend to be a little more on the stringent side and tend to punish classes for an already graduated classes troubles.
Excellent. I have learned a lot throughout my years at this school, and it has allowed me to grow into a college-ready student.
I enjoy that Fairfax High School is very diverse place and that I feel comfortable with the people I spend my week days with. I also am grateful that we have the resources available to us to help us further our education. I would like to change how some of the teachers operate in that they should be more understanding of their students situations.
The school has a really competitive curriculum and the teachers make themselves available to provide extra help. The students aren't friendly and snub students who are less fortunate.
I have loved being with teachers who support me and are willing to find time so I can fully understand things I don't. my school is filled with many backgrounds, making it a very diverse school. And you'll see many different types of people hanging out with other types of people, but people can be shy to start a friendship which is normal. School spirit is not so hot, but I hope it will come back before the end of the year.
Big school with good resources. Some good teachers, some not so good. They need to be more on top of bullying, I knew too many people who were bullied and couldn't get anything done about it. The insane homework load needs to be addressed as well. Some teachers don't seem to understand that students have other classes with other homework. Other than that it wasn't a bad place to go to school. Great library and technology, some lovely teachers, nice diversity. Not too bad.
I have had a very positive overall experience with Fairfax high school and feel that it has properly prepared me for a rigorous college environment.
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Fairfax High School is a pretty good school due to its great diversity in students allowing students to learn more about other cultures. It places a huge emphasis on sports and there is a growing amount of clubs but the school rarely funds those clubs. Most teachers teach well with the exception of a few.
I transferred to Fairfax my sophomore year because of the academy. Initially I missed my old school, but as the year went on I was happy with the move. I had all an all great teachers. Over the years I've missed my old track team more and more, but the theatre department at Fairfax is great. I enjoy working with the department director and others apart of the FX players. I have one teacher that I know I can go to for anything and that's the most important thing to me. Fairfax could definitely use help with its security, no serious issue has occurred. But the security staff doesn't really do much they walk around the school in a pack and befriend the kids.
School has a nice atmosphere! School spirit is not really there. Academics could improve where some teachers do not know what they are teaching. Additionally, AP classes should only be given to teachers who know the material well so the students in their classes do not have any problems grasping the material.
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