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People judge to much and the work load is unbearable.
Everyone in our school loves each other for who we are. We accept everyone for who they are now, not who they used to be.
The academics are great. We are learned to make the right choices and if you mess up or create a problem, you have to fix it yourself in the best positive way.
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Our student body isn't aloud to wear running shorts because they are shorter than your fingertips when you put your hands down to your sides. I don't really agree with that rule, but the holes above your knee and really short shorts; I agree with that rule very well.
Even though we don't have softball, swimming, tennis, or many other sports, almost all the kids in our school participate in at least one sport/extracurricular activity. We have practices every day for sports and a few times a week for extracurricular activities. We are all dedicated.
The school could use many improvements in every aspect. We re-paint all the lockers and walls every year during the summer, but the old gym, stairs, and hallways need some work. There is always someone there to help you when you are having trouble. Our whole school is like a family here.
I bring my lunch every single day unless the school is having chili for lunch. I wouldn't eat at the school but there haven't been many complaints on it.
Even though we only have a few sports for each gender, I believe this school has great school spirit. On homecoming days we all dress up and have competitions to get everyone involved with all the sports. We may not be the best team but the town of Fairfax supports us the best they possibly can.
Fairfax is a very small school which makes everything so much better. I know every single student and teacher; we're like family. I have grown up all 12 years with the same people in my class give or take a few. I have memories with this school that will last a lifetime. I would definitely go to this school again if I could.
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