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The small classes help to learn the material very well, and AP classes are available starting in ninth grade. Sports are open to all students, and the campus is beautiful. Besides one teacher working there who has no business being there, it's a very pleasant and educational place to learn.
The education was nice however course choices were not the best. Lots of kids from different countries mainly Korea, China, or Vietnam.
I’m a former student of the Fairfax Christian School and may I just say this school is absolutely disgusting. I was always so confused on where the tuition money went. $30,000 per person and the resourses are terrible. The year I went to the Fairfax Christian School, I experienced such anxiety and depression. The staff was very disrespectful, to say the least, especially the admissions director and the heads of school. Do you really want your children going to a school with an unsafe environment, around adults who don’t care about them? No? I thought so. Also, is there any way I can give this school 0 instead of one?
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I like this place. I love this school. great teachers . great administration. great teaching. and great activities and sports and safety and ...
My oldest son graduated from FCS and my youngest will start 10th grade in the fall. The teachers really work with students to help them learn to be successful, in everything they do. Thank You FCS!
My daughter started studying at Fairfax Christian School since last year. I was amazed by how much she learned in the school as a 1st grader, and how happy she was while learning. Nothing is better than a solid education in a loving and caring environment. We will definitely spend more time in this excellent school.
My daughter started at 6th grade and was much more challenged academically at Fairfax Christian School. The instruction helped her learn to really study and to do homework rather than just slide by.
I believe the early years in a child’s education are so important in their overall development and decided to move my daughter from the public school to a private school. My daughter started at Fairfax Christian School in the first grade and it was the best decision I ever made. The school offers a diverse and challenging academic program that promotes a positive atmosphere with an emphasis on respect, morals, and integrity. My daughter is now entering the 6th grade and I am planning for her to continue all the way through high school. The teachers are excellent, caring, and approachable. I love the smaller classes and the individual attention she receives. The school provides a safe and welcoming environment. Overall, Fairfax Christian School is an outstanding school that develops well rounded kids who go on to be successful citizens. I would recommend this school to anyone without hesitation.
Fairfax Christian School is superb. Academic standards are exceptionally high, and the highly-esteemed faculty meets this challenge with a strong commitment to excellence. Parents support the teachers, and the teacher-student ratio allows for promoting the highest standards. With plans to build its own campus by Dulles Airport proceeding as planned, this school is simply the best.
I had a terrible experience at FCS due to poor staff, terrible sports and academics, unprofessional owner. A few months ago I saw reviews on niche describing similar terrible experiences but they are no longer listed which is very strange. The school descibes itself in much higher rankings and presitgue than it actually is. After changing schools I realized how much more work other schools require you to do and how much more you learn. FCS provides very basic knowledge of subjects for students. The reveiws on niche are now mostly parents who do not truly know how terrible it is to really attend FCS. The owner can be extremely rude and offsetting to the students and whenever he is around he only searches to get a student in trouble for not wearing their blazer or touching another student (cannot even hug a friend at FCS due to the no physical contact rule) and I have never seen him in my two years there say hello to the student or make a kind casual conversation.
My kids love their teachers. The curriculum is advanced. The Christian environment is very important to us.
FCS provided a safe and challenging learning environment for our kids. Their curriculum enabled our children to find potential they didn't know they had. The faculty gives individual attention to their students thanks to the small class sizes.
The Fairfax Christian School is excellent in every way. The administration and teachers care about every student and give a lot of personal attend. The teachers are highly knowledgable and very professional. Our children have thrived. We are so excited to see their new campus under construction. A facility update would make this a six-star school!
They took a chance on me as a student and made me a better one. I have learned a lot and made good friends.
Teachers are knowledgeable and largely unbiased which is rare.
Not as much stuff as at other schools. Substance is in other things. Mainly academics.
Really no problems with this as its a christian school that enforces morals.
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Just a lot of rules, but this can be thought of as structure, all the kids are really great.
Not that many options but improving quickly, its a good time to go.
The school is very good, if you want to learn in a classical way, lots of memorizing, facts, truth and highly challenging classes go here. If you're not ready for that kind of work and are not a fan of international students don't come here because challenge and international students are the two things the school brings to the area.