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Fairdale High School Magnet Career Academy (MCA) Reviews

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Fairdale is a awsome school.
Great teachers and they make you college ready. I love my high school and there marching band is awsome also.
I had a really good 4 years at Fairdale. All of the teachers are very welcoming and will do anything to make the school feel like a second home to any of their students.
The teachers really do care about their students and their well-being. The school gives focus in improving every student socially and academically.
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The Cambridge program is very challenging and good preparation for college. There is a lot of diversity in the school. The teachers care about the students and do what they can to help them succeed.
i was in the police officer magnet at fairdale and when i moved to fairdale the end of my freshman year and i was opened with open arms, everyone was very nice it felt like a real community.
The most thing I like about fairdale is that most people think fairdale is an all white school or is racist, but in reality fairdale has different religions and cultures and we have a Cambridge program which is basically an ap program that is international. I’m in the Cambridge program and yes it can be very stressful and difficult but it has made me who I am today from learning new skills to learning more about life and how to maintain it. It has also made me feel more prepared for college. I also like the teachers at fairdale, obviously with every good teacher there’s a bad but overall fairdale has caring and educated teachers.
At Fairdale High School they have a great Law Enforcement Magnet Program. They have real life experiences for the students and it's a great learning environment.
it's my second year at fairdale and I love it.. I think it's a very nice laid back school and low stress environment.. I wouldn't have chosen any other school..
Fairdale is a great community, people are very close to one another. I feel like I have learned a lot during my 4 years at fairdale. It gave me a great education.
Fairdale has improved over the years, especially in ththe academics area. The Cambridge is a big part of the school’s way to bring new students in but as a student myself in the program, i’d say it is not worth your time. The program is difficult mainly because many of the teachers do not teach the curriculum well. They are not to blame overall since this is a new-ish program. All the AP classes are replaced by Cambridge substitutes. I enjoy RISE and believe the free period instills responsibility and flexibility for students in their schedules.
I really like how the school is a small community and everyone knows each other . The teachers are really good with the students and are very close with us . Sports team are great and all of the teams are lkke a Family . All the staff care about the students and help us out .
It is an amazing school with an amazing program the Cambridge program ! I’m actually in that program and I believe even with the stress and doing a lot of homework and eveything that it’ll help me in the future !
The teachers are good and really care about the students and there's this new thing called RISE where you get to go to any class and lunch for an hour to make up work and they also offer other activities during that time so students who do not have make up work can have something fun to do.
I have had the best High School Experience. I have played little league football for "Fairdale" since I was three, it has always been in my head that I was going to attend Fairdale when I was a freshman. The teachers and staff are great and has helped me tremendously. I wasn't quite sure what I wanted to do after high school but I can say that Fairdale has helped me change my thoughts on that. My counselor in every way. The only thing I can really see changing is to place more focus on the students who aren't part of the Magnet Program as they currently do. I or my mom has had to inquire about information when it comes to college.
My experience here at Fairdale, has so far been alright. I moved here from a different high school and I was happy to find out that the teachers I have here are just as respectful as they had been at my old school. The biggest problem o have with the school is with the students. At my old schools people were politically active and involved in the community. But here at Fairdale I don't see any of that kind of thing happening, I just want people to be more woke here.
I love that they have different career programs for the students. I also like the small town feel. Parents and teachers are very involved with helping the students. I wouldn't change a thing.
Although I’m still having the high school experience, i seem to engage with the people around me. Not only do I engage with the students but also the teachers. They’re fun and make you work hard at the same time. I am a Cambridge student and a volleyball player. Times get tough but at Fairdale high school you always get the help you need.
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I like the Cambridge Program because it's challenging, but the workload is exhausting. Also, I want to see more improvements in the preparations for the ACT. The school's average ACT score is low. As a student there, I feel as if I'm not prepared for that big of a test. The classes should aim to help us, but it barely has any impact in it.
I like how many clubs and extra-carricular activities the school offers. They also have a Cambridge program which allows you to take college courses. Everyday, we have an hour is RISE. During this time, students get to go to any class they need to in order to catch up on test corrections, makeup work, homework, or just hang around. Lunch is included in this time frame.
The teachers are caring and helpful. The students feel at home. The school is clean and safe. The band program is amazing.
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