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Fairbury Junior/Senior High School Reviews

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I've loved my four years at Fairbury High School, but when I really think about it I feel like it was just average at best. I've had some amazing teachers and I've made some great connections, but I never felt like the school was very suited for me. If you're an athletic white kid who wants to be a doctor or a farmer, Fairbury is the place for you. I've never been into sports and I want to major in English in college, and there really just wasn't much for me to do. There are two advanced English programs in the school, but they're basically pointless since we've undergone scheduling changes and now if you want to take the Honors English classes, you still have to take the regular, less advanced classes anyways. I could also take journalism. There have just never been many classes offered that have made me want to attend school, want to learn, which I think is the school's biggest downfall.
I had a good time in high school, but the school district really struggles with truancy and drug problems. School administration struggled with disciplinary actions against students. I also wish FHS offered more advanced classes and AP classes with more qualified teachers.
Bullying needs to end. I would also like school lunches to improve. Most of the teachers are good, some need to not have favorites. Overall the school is pretty good.
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In Fairbury Jr.-Sr. High School, there is more bad things than good. For instance, there's no diversity. It's a primary white school, which I believe isn't good when it comes to students learning how to interact with others. Though that's not the schools fault. But something that is the school and administration's fault, is they have poor reactions and discipline when it comes to bullies. My good friend was bullied her entire high school career. There was really only one teacher that ever did anything about it. Because the bully was in sports, they basically gave him a slap on the wrist and let him off the hook.
The teachers sometimes do not put the effort into helping the students, the almost act as if they do not care.
The music program was the best part about the school. Most sports are okay. Good wrestling and cross country programs.
Theres a few extracurricular activies.
I wouldnt send my kids here.
The school hires teachers that leave after their first year.
Most of the teachers today don't want to put in the effort to get to know the kids and in a school our size it shouldn't be that hard. When I was a student there, we had teachers who would get to know us and our individual situations to better help us. These new ones are so young that they play right into the teenage drama. My child was upset because rumors were getting spread about their relationship with another student and one of the teachers actually took sides by making a comment to my child along the lines of "Well maybe you shouldn't have been fooling around on them..." This teacher should have never commented in front of the whole class on a personal issue that had nothing to do with her! My child was completely mortified! Other teachers can't even be bothered to remember your kid is IN their class!
Teachers don't always and and are usually more concerned with themselves. Parents are very crazy. Administration acts inappropriately so as to not deal with police.
Most of the teachers have one or two favorites and they recieve special treatment while everyone else usually is disliked. Carries over into sports also. Very political in terms of who's who.
The school has many programs to benefit the kids, just need coaches that are more caring and that no more about the sport. Playing favorites...and playing students that have potential would help.
Not impressed with the Block Scheduling which we are working on stopping and going to period classes. Currently the jr. high students having started doing period classes and will be re-evaluated in 2 years to see which way we will go.
Some are better than others. It also depends are who you are at what is done.
For the size of our school there are lots of programs for the students to get involved in. Both with our community partners or within our school itself.
We still have work to do with personal safety. But as far as Bullying, Drug awareness, or health programs are school does a great job.
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One of the best experiences at this school for me is cross country. I had a blast in cross country, and it was an experience I would not change for the world. Another great experience at this school was band, pep band in particular. I loved playing my trumpet at athletic events and cheering for the team. Although our band instructor is very young, she is a great teacher and person. However, some of the classes I have taken have not been good experiences. The classes I have not enjoyed have been the ones taught by inexperienced teachers who do not know how to control their classrooms. I have seen a lot of disrespect that I cannot wait to get away from when I go to college. However, band and cross country, along with show choir, are experiences at my school that I would absolutely do all over again.
We have a great guidance counselor who helped me greatly with my college search and ongoing scholarship quest. The principal is a friendly person, but discipline is not one of his strong points. There is a lot of disrespect at this school, mainly focused on teachers. There are also a lot of teachers who don't seem to have a backbone, and won't do anything if someone is getting bullied or if the classroom is getting too disruptive. However, there are some teachers, usually the more experienced ones, who do an excellent job of maintaining order in their classrooms and getting the students to learn the material.
The school does a good job of making sure the students are safe. It is very strict on visitor sign-ins and even students leaving school early or entering late. Although the school is way to small to afford security personnel, security cameras are everywhere. There is very little that goes unnoticed. For instance, there was an incident in the locker room where some people had their wallets stolen. Using footage from the school cameras, the administration was able to track down the thief. The school is also subject to random drug tests, and almost always a secret stash is found somewhere. Our school genuinely tries hard to make the building a safe environment.
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