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My overall experience at Fairborn high school was fairly average in terms of what to expect from a small midwestern town. Sports were a big deal and everybody knew everybody which also helped prevent bullying within the school. However, getting to know the teachers there was easily one of the best decisions I made during my entire high school career. Most of them are very genuine people who are there for more than just a paycheck and there are many there now that I w.ould consider aquaintences if not friends. Many of the staff there are willing to help you wth just about anything as long as you are kind to them
Fairburn High School is a great school to attended, despite differences the students get along well and stand up for each other when needed. Despite the lack of resources compared to some schools the Fairborn teachers do their up most best to prepare their students for the real world.
I liked being a part of the music program. It provided me with a good sense of family. The friends made within the group is what enabled me to get through the years there.
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Fairborn High School is a great school for anyone. The students at FHS are all very diverse. No matter who you are or what you are interested in, you will find somewhere to fit in there. Every teacher I have had has been extremely helpful and easy to communicate with. It is a great school where everyone is welcome.
My experience at Fairborn was an okay experience, they need a lot of help and the school as whole is horrible.
I would like to see better technology at Fairborn High School. Computers and laptops are outdated. Some teachers need to be more creative in their teaching tactics and offer more assignments relevant to current events and real life situations.
A lot of teachers here care about their students and preparing them for their course work, but the administration favors certain students and teachers while disrespecting facultiy with individuality and nonconformative teaching styles.
Fairborn high school, although in a lesser funded school dustrict, provides excellent educational survices. The teachers and faculty genuinly care about your well being in addition to your success as a student. While utalizing the resources available, Fairborn high school continuously promotes academic perseverance and success.
have never had an issue with feeling secure
could use a bigger variety of clubs not including sports
Need more parental involvement with outside activities.
Teachers connect with their students, willing to help when needed. Treat students well.
They aren't really good at teaching and helping students understand the lessons
There is not a whole lot of peer pressure I have noticed people are free to decide what they want to do. This school is very accepting for the most part of every type of person
I really like how religous views are not forced down your throat here , in out health classes we are taught almost all birth control method which I think is needed. I teachers are great in helping you figure out how to stay on track. The scheduling process is very very easy. The popular classes are the PLTW classes and the AP classes. In the PLTW classes you get real world experience and have the chance to get college credit. I hate the state mandated testing there is so much of it and I know that is not the schools fault so I would still say this school is great.
We have many security plans in place and have assemblies on emergency plans. We have arms and un armed police officers on duty all the time. We live by an airforce base so security is always an concern, but I have always felt safe.
There is a wide range of extracurriculars at fairborn for example we have a digital media club, gender sexualilty alliance club, a science olympiad club, academic challenge (sport), sports a wide range including swimming, art club, video game club and more.
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I really liked going here to this school most of the people I attended school with were great people who made your day better. There is a select minority of people however who make the school worse by trying to be cool or get out of class. Ex. Set the trashcan on fire ( once), pull the fire alarm and call in bomb threats. I do commend the staff however because each of these situations was handled with minimal upset to the students.
The teachers at Fairborn High School are wonderful,they are willing to stay after school and help you if you need help. In addtion the lession plans often contain real world examples and uses and help prepare you for life after highschool. I have learned countless valuble things while attending this school
The best thing about going to this school for me was to grow up with the same class I've gone to school with since kindergarten. My dad was a military man and though he left for weeks at a time he had us stay in one place so that we never felt up rooted. Now that I am older I appreciate it more and I look back and am grateful for all the experiences I got to have while being there. My freshman year English teacher, Mrs. Hammock, was always there to lend an ear when I was nervous about my cross country meets as well as a few other teachers. I have had the same best friend since the 8th grade who I have been able to be there for during her heart problems. The sports and clubs were just a bonus, and the teachers made it all more welcoming and for that chapter of my life it was a familiar place, almost like a 2nd home.
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