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I like the kind people here. i like how everyone gets along and we're all best friends. Were all close as a class and we're all kind to each other.
Fairborn High School is an average school. Were terrible at sports and the kids aren't nice. Also the lunch sucks!
I love most of the students and teachers at the school. Most of the teachers actually care about their students, and mostly everyone is friendly. the building itself could use some renovations though.
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I like the teachers here. They are always in good moods and always try to teach me. I like how we have freedom here.
I like that we had a great student section at our school. Football games are great along with the basketball teams. And that we have a thing called unity day on national bullying day to unite the school together. And the administration are very friendly.
I the classes at Fairborn High School. Fairborn High school can be very boring and I wish there were more electives to choose from.
i like the fact that the teacher will work with you and try to make your grade better even if they want to be with their families, but they take the time out of their day to help with your well being in education as long as you ask them. something i would like to see change is the courses required to take along with the options for classes that will help them in their future.
High school is a very challenging experience but can also be a great time. I enjoy fairborn high school a lot just sometimes you know senioritis can hit you. Take advantage of these next 4 years they will go by fast.
It's pretty bad some of the teachers care actually want to teacher their students and want kids to learn. The rest don't care and only want a paycheck or are using this place to spread whatever views they have. The entire district including the administration of the schools needs to be overhauled.
My overall experience at Fairborn high school was fairly average in terms of what to expect from a small midwestern town. Sports were a big deal and everybody knew everybody which also helped prevent bullying within the school. However, getting to know the teachers there was easily one of the best decisions I made during my entire high school career. Most of them are very genuine people who are there for more than just a paycheck and there are many there now that I w.ould consider aquaintences if not friends. Many of the staff there are willing to help you wth just about anything as long as you are kind to them
Fairburn High School is a great school to attended, despite differences the students get along well and stand up for each other when needed. Despite the lack of resources compared to some schools the Fairborn teachers do their up most best to prepare their students for the real world.
I liked being a part of the music program. It provided me with a good sense of family. The friends made within the group is what enabled me to get through the years there.
Fairborn High School is a great school for anyone. The students at FHS are all very diverse. No matter who you are or what you are interested in, you will find somewhere to fit in there. Every teacher I have had has been extremely helpful and easy to communicate with. It is a great school where everyone is welcome.
My experience at Fairborn was an okay experience, they need a lot of help and the school as whole is horrible.
I would like to see better technology at Fairborn High School. Computers and laptops are outdated. Some teachers need to be more creative in their teaching tactics and offer more assignments relevant to current events and real life situations.
A lot of teachers here care about their students and preparing them for their course work, but the administration favors certain students and teachers while disrespecting facultiy with individuality and nonconformative teaching styles.
Fairborn high school, although in a lesser funded school dustrict, provides excellent educational survices. The teachers and faculty genuinly care about your well being in addition to your success as a student. While utalizing the resources available, Fairborn high school continuously promotes academic perseverance and success.
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have never had an issue with feeling secure
could use a bigger variety of clubs not including sports
Need more parental involvement with outside activities.
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