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In my experience the history and English courses are very well taught and the teacher are engaging, including the advanced classes. The higher level science classes, however, can be hard to follow at times. All in all I feel this school is competitive and the staff is always there to help me grow.
At Fairbanks, the exceed expectations with how great the teachers and atmosphere is for the small package it comes in. The budget is smaller than other schools which hinders Fairbanks' ability to update things such as lockers and parking lots but they accel in all ways that are possible for them. The people of the community is what makes Fairbanks great, with the addition of modern resources and facilities, the school would be ideal.
Overall the facilities are good! The School needs more computers and advanced AP classes! Found some Teachers didn’t like their job and showed in the lack of teaching ability! They taught from the lesson and didn’t care about student readiness
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Being a student in a small school can be challenging at times because you will see the same faces every 50 minutes, and there is no change. However, the size is good because of the close community that is present. There is support shown to every student no matter what is going on. If I had to change anything, I would have the school offer a wider variety of classes for the students to take. The current selection is very limited due to the limit of staff available.
Fairbanks High School is a great school because of it's awesome staff that puts their students first and a great learning environment with little distraction.
When most American teenagers think about their high school, they picture girl drama, weird teachers, division between the "cool" kids and the nerds, or that science test they forgot to study for. Most likely, they are not thinking about the coffee shop the Fairbanks FCCLA runs that serves amazing cinnamon rolls, the incredible drama club, now working on "High School Musical," which is following their wonderful "Annie" performance, or the corn fields they pass on the way to their old building, now 60 years of age and practically falling apart. Fairbanks High School students are not only part of a unique farm-school environment, but they also create an original school culture that supports simple kindness, community service, and academic success, despite their worn, brick building falling apart at the seams.
This is a great school that is nationally ranked and cares about students
The high is nationally ranked and really cares about learning
My child always feels safe
For a smal school there are many options available
The Fairbanks teachers are fantastic
there is little to no ethnic or racial diversity. everyone is either straight or pretending to be straight
not enough options, not a diverse array of classes
school is fairly safe, we've had no incidents where i've felt unsafe
For being a small school there are many different clubs. There's FCCLA, FCA, NHS, Photography/Videography, Interact Club, Drama Club, Band, Student Government, Student Counsel, and many sports. I feel as if the some clubs are very popular (like FCCLA) but only have a few dedicated people and others are not as popular (Photography/Videography) and are all one type of people: technology wizards, but are all loyal to the club. All the clubs are of good quality, have good advisers and do a lot for their community and school.
I think most parents at Fairbanks are good. Many (I feel) emphasize or pressure students to do well in academics and sports. This is not always a bad thing but can be, in some student's cases, overwhelming and stressful, which is possibly why Fairbanks is ranked so high (so maybe the pressure is a good thing). Also many parents are more focused on being "top dog" or "kissing up" to staff in order to get their child in the coaches' or staff's good graces. All together the parents are good, but there are the few that are too worried about themselves rather than the good of the whole school. Sadly, because this is such a small school the few parents make a bigger impact on everyone rather than if I went to a larger school.
Most (if I'm being picky) teachers are amazing. They care about their students, are reasonable and knowledgable. I always feel like I understand the lessons or know I will get plenty of help to better understand them. They are very kind and reasonable. I truly believe Fairbanks teaching staff is wonderful.
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Everyone knows each other and the teachers try to engage and keep the lesson interesting.
there are some opportunities but not nearly enough
I wouldn't choose this school because it lacks diversity and opportunities
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