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Fair View High School Reviews

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I think that this school is a very safe place and i wouldnt change anything they are currently working on getting security cameras though.
The Extracurrlculars are amazing i think.There is something for every one.
I have had the best experience at this school and i would come back for another year if i had to.
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I can truly say i love this school.It has truly saved my life in more ways then 1. I was behind in credits and i was close to not graduating most teachers at my old school thought i would have to repeat senior year but coming to this school i have got caught up and graduated half a year early and it has also helped me with the rough home situation i was in at the time.
Pretty safe environment, staff and teachers look out for the students health and wellbeing and make sure they are all safe.
Teachers are amazing and engaging and care for the students.
Terrible food and greasy fats and carbs. Always suggested to bring a lunch from home or eat breakfast at home.
Average punishment, mostly denying of privileges and in-school suspension.
No sports to participate in, nothing in fitness education besides a very poorly taught PE class.
No clubs, organizations or sports available to participate in, the school is mostly focused on education.
Amazing teachers and staff who are very kind and caring about education.
There is a great workout room that is open to everyone. Also there are a few sports that are played throughout the year but only against teams made within the school.
They don't offer any advanced classes or very many math classes. I was mainly disappointed that they didn't have AP Chemistry, Entrepreneurship, or a Career Planning class available.
The sports and fitness at Fair View is just terrible. There is no gym. We have to be inside a portable that has some workout things but most of the time in the rain and cold were outside. And during the first class of the day, weight training when people sweat it makes the room just unbearable. I think Fair View should at least have a gym it would make pe so much more better.
Some of the food was okay. However, the meat was not actually was mostly soy so that is a plus for being healthy. A lot of the time kids would get sick from eating the food so either go off campus or bring your own food. I ate the school's food once and got very sick...I went to the doctor and had food poisoning. If you don't wanna get sick or know what you are actually eating..avoid the school's food.
The school was a life saver.. literally. The teachers and staff are so close to the students and the students are really close to each other. There is almost never any drama and they get you caught up with credits super easy. I went from being behind to graduating early. I earned 32 credits in just one semester. The rules of the school aren't that great though. For example you can't listen to music, even at lunch which i personally don't agree with. The overall experience at Fair View was amazing though.
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