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I absolutely adore my school. The classes are small and it's quite a rural area. However, the classes are so personal and intimate. You really get one on one time with teachers so you get the quality education you deserve!
we use technology frequently. Our teachers help us when they know we are not doing our best, and our scheduling process is stress free.
i wish there were more options
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i love being part of a small school. your class is all very close, you know every child, and teacher. the only thing i wish we had was more sport options, and a football team. iv always wondered what it would have been like if i attended a bigger school.
I think our teachers are ok, it may just be the students not wanting to learn or just being lazy. there isn't anything the teachers can do if the students just don't want to learn.
each teacher has their own unique teaching style, just like any other school. since Fair Play is a very small school however, they interact with students on levels other schools faculty cannot due to the population size.
I wish Fair Play had more extracurricular activities. We don't have many students that get involved because there aren't many sports or clubs to choose from.
Fair Play is a small school and we don't have very many extracurricular activities. If I were to change something about Fair Play it would be to add more sports and more clubs for students to get involved in.
The teachers at Fair Play really do care about the students that go here. They are always trying to help and make the school and the children that go here better.
Our school has several safety measures that they take seriously. For example, bullying is a huge topic of interest this year with the faculty. Every one is trying their best to take preventative precautions. We have an anonymous hotline in place and also the teachers are very approachable about the topic, or any topic in general. Automatic locking systems were put in place within the past couple of years and the hallways are monitored every hour by teachers.
The FFA program at our school is phenomenal. The advisors are excellent at competitions and over all teaching techniques. They are extremely committed to making students the most successful. It is the largest organization at our school, definitely the most popular due to past success.
I really enjoy the environment of a small school setting. I think it's extremely important to feel safe and included. Everyone at my school knows each other, and most get along well. It's very unique to feel as though you have a family at your school, but for us it is an everyday experience instituted by teachers and staff.
Many teachers at our school are wonderful. They have a true concern for the well being of their students, and they are effective in the classroom. However, there are some teachers that are under qualified or unknowledgable about their subjects.
We don't see much of other kids parents.
The teachers know a lot about their subjects
The teachers generally care about how well you do, but don't just give away free grades, you have to earn them.
There is after-school tutoring three days a week, and that is good. There is not much else except for sports, which there are a lot of.
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i just had some problems at this school and my main problem is the students
What makes Fair Play High School unique is the teachers and faculty. The individuals who work here do not just show up at work to earn money, but to motivate students and help prepare us for college and life after high school. I truly feel as though I am cared about at this school, as do other students. The administration cares about what students are doing outside of school, so that they know we are always safe. I feel as though I will always have someone to come to with my problems that will listen and give me the best possible advice.
The small classes let you get to know your teachers and classmates really well, it's kind of like a second family. There are a lot of privileges along with this too. You get more leniency.
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