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Fair Park High School Reviews

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Fair Park Highschool gave me the tools to be successful and the material needed to not only pass exam but make it in the real workd. This school prepared for most matter experience in life. I especially enjoy sports and organizations of Fair Park Hoghschool. I will truelly miss this school.
My experience with Niche is the best. I like about the website is that it pulls up so many scholarships for the colleges that I am looking into and as well ones I'm curious about. The thing i would like to see change about the website is that it narrow down some scholarship for the different states.
Most teachers make it known through the way that they teach their students that they love their jobs. Few teachers show that they don't ,yet the few that don't are big let downs because the whole atmosphere of a room changes once you switch classes. My day can sometimes be full of vibrance and willingness, then become so dull and boring b/c of the way a lesson is taught.
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The school is safe overall, but we're not searched or sanded down prominently.
any group that you want to make, its available as long as you have 5 people with you.
In my opinion, certain teachers actually care and work for the students.
Every since last year the extracurriculars have been blossoming. We've got glee club, drama club, science club, history club, and so much more. All sports and clubs that involve music are the most popular and I'm in pretty much all of them. It really is a fun experience.
My experience at this school has been very challenging. I was pushed to do better than my best because of changes I saw happening. All of them were positive and that was exciting for me.
The majority of teachers are everything they're supposed to be. The school has really progressed over the years that I've been there, and I'm genuinely proud.
My high school spirit, fan support, athletic facilities and fitness opportunities at my school is very great. All the students are supportive of the other athletics, and everyone at the school has school spirit.
The teachers at my school are very friendly and helpful. If any student have a problem with their work or want to talk about anything they can always go to any teacher and get great help.
The extracurricular opportunities at my school are okay. I say this because not every student at my school likes to do extracurricular activites after school or doing school. Some students just like to go to school, get their education and go back home.
Who could ask for better teachers?
Everything conveniently placed on all four floors
The moment you walk into the school you can sense the learning! The students all get along and there is nothing to worry about!
School did isn't the best, but what is served is exceptional..
I'm the captain of the best twirling team in the city!!
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This year we are getting a new principal, but he's already starting to make lots of changes, hopefully for the best...
We have an all state winning girls basket ball team!
It's really much of diverse school because it consists of majority of African-Americans.
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