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I like how there are many clubs to choose from and my only complaint is that the food is not the best and there are not many options for vegetarians/ vegans. Many of the teachers here are great and truly care about the students acedamic success.
Fair Lawn High School has a staff and administration that truly care about the well-being of their students. Not only do they guide us through our classes and our future, but they also maintain our safety and attend to us to the best of their abilities. From the principal to the janitors, regardless of their roles, all the staff and administration undoubtedly provide us with the best circumstances. I only wish other students could appreciate it as much as they should.
I love how Fair Lawn High School offers a variety of interesting class for all areas of expertise, whether you are in CP, Honor or AP classes. Also, the several athletics programs are definitely a rewarding part of high school and teach you teamwork and leadership skills that are valuable for the future. Lastly, there are many amazing clubs to join that are fun and can definitely boost your college application. Overall, Fair Lawn High School is a great school that teaches students the academics and the fundamentals to being an active part of society.
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You get a typical public high school education and are generally well prepared for college. They offer a lot of AP's, so if you put effort in you can make the experience more worthwhile.
Fair lawn high school is a very good school because it’s safe and fun and there’s a lot of diversity amongst student nationality and races the teachers are poor in my opionion however. Your success can determine which teacher you get... some are easygoing young and fun and will give you a good grade for a lot less work and stress than getting another teacher. In addition a lot of teacher pick favorites and will give extra credit to those students. And finally there are just some teachers who are very bad with kids and teaching and should not be teachers. The Adminstration must do a better job at picking their staff for the future.
Location is great because it is walking distance to River Road where there are a few places to go out for lunch. On top of that, those who drive can easily get onto the main highway where there are promenades. About the teachers, there seems to be a mix. There are very few who have a passion for teaching and educating their students, few who teach well but hate what they do, many who are subpar at teaching but generally have an okay attitude, and some who hate teaching and have the worst attitude. So overall, the teachers are okay. The best janitors! So friendly and helpful.
I really like the classes and most of my teachers. Some teachers don’t seem to care much about the students but that is found at every school. There are a lot of club options and sports are pretty important. The one big thing I wish I could change is how unexcited everyone is when it comes to school events.
It tastes good. Very very good. There's a lot of umami. You can taste the chef's love. The amount of soul put into it is incredible. Lots of attention to detail. Very very nice.
The fair lawn experience is very good. The teachers are excellent at teaching their subjects and are very supportive of the students
A fairly good public school where how much effort you put in will determine where you will be placed academically. Some teachers are questionable in their ability, but for the most part, teachers do their jobs to a degree of acceptability. If the student puts their foot forward to learn, most teachers will reciprocate it back.
Fair Lawn High school is an average suburban high school. It excels in sports and clubs, with the school having over one hundred clubs and afterschool activities. On the other hand, the school is average in academics. The school provides a handful of A.P courses and a number of honor courses. The teachers and staff are friendly, and are reliable.
Fair Lawn High School is and overall great school. There are countless clubs, sports, and activities to participate in. And, as an AP and honors student, there were plenty of classes for me to choose from to pursue my interests.
Fair Lawn High School is an amazing school with very few flaws. Great academics and a very large extracurricular program makes this school a place for learning and fun. As a recognized school of excellence and consistently ranking high among New Jersey public high schools there is not much left to desire. It's all wrapped up by excellent school spirit and sports teams and a student government association that is so good other schools come in the watch how we operate.
Although there are some teachers that are absolutely horrible, my overall experience in terms of academics have been positive. There are plenty of teachers willing to help students-some going so far as to sacrifice time outside of office hours to do so-and many opportunities to improve academics are offered.
This school has an increasing amount of clubs that fits every student's interests, and it is easy to make one if you are unable to find one that suits you. Many members of the faculty are incredible people and often grade fairly. However, many faculty members are hired based upon just their education level, but when in a classroom environment, prove to have a lack of understanding in the subject they teach and clearly play favorites which influences their grading systems.
My overall experience attending Fair Lawn High School is very good. I liked being involved in sports when I was and there is a club for everyone. The teachers at the school are good and very supportive. There is not anything that jumps out at me that Fair Lawn High School needs to change.
Fair Lawn High School provides students with readily available resources to further pursue their educational goals along with desired careers in the most optimal and efficient manner.
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Fair Lawn High School offers great academic programs and education to young students. It provides good teachers for each subject, as well as subjects that will provide an insight into the future.
FLHS is a good school overall but it has its flaws. It is hard to move into honors math if you are not already on the honors track. Some classes are geared toward passing the tests and just passing the class. FLHS has terrible food but upperclassman and sophomores can leave the grounds for lunch. FLHS offers a lot of art classes they have a Mac lab, a 3D printer, many great field trips, great band, great drama club, they have a duel enrollment program to get college credit as a senior, they have a middle college credit program, they have a lot of clubs that sponser events and field trips, all kinds of honor societies , EF tour trips available for students to go on during breaks, scholarships that they offer to seniors, a lot of sports teams and a wide variety of classes to take. At the end of the day FLHS is what you make of it, you can get as involved as you want or you can detach yourself from school as much as you want too.
Great music and theater program. Some quality teachers that I will always thank, others not so much. Great support from faculty.
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