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Fair Haven Union High School Reviews

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All I can say is thank god that Fair Haven Union High School is a public school, because if it wasn't i would have asked my parents to transfer. The high school never feels safe, despite all the law enforcement presence; but, even with the police there you still hear all the drama related to past issues with teachers (that are still hired) - it has really become a joke to be honest. However, despite the negative I have to say that the school definitely knows how to distract students from the outside world and its struggles, by throwing events such as Slaterbration and Winter Carnival. However, I have to say that even if you were to take all the AP and Honors course available, there is still a great chance of not being prepared for college; so think of trying to take every available Dual Enrollment option, its better for you in the long run. So there's that...
Growing up in the Fair Haven Slater community has helped me in many ways. My favorite part is how close knit our community is. There are so many community members that help us out at the high school and everyone is willing to lend a helping hand. Go Slaters!
Fair Haven Union High School is a good high school that could be a lot better. My experience with the high school has not been great, but also not horrible. The large focus of the school seems to be more on athletics rather than what every student is there for, academics. The school is also cutting honors classes which is very disappointing for many students because they wont be offered the push that they need to get into the college of their dreams. There are still good traits of this school such as bullying does not seem to be a large issue and teachers and other staff are very friendly and kind. The students also all seem to know each other and are normally very polite and respectful. Overall the school could work more on academics, but the students are a kind well spoken group.
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Overall it's not like any other high school, here at FHUHS the teachers will push you towards excellence and want to see you make progress over your 4 years here. I loved the social interactions and acceptance among peers. The only thing I'd like to see change is the student's attitude towards learning and attendance.
Fair Haven Union High School provides the standard academic level classes, but there are not a wide variety of options. Most people take the exact same classes. Also the small size of the school can be a downside because everyone knows the business of everyone else.
Everyone at this school are the same race with a few exceptions. It is not the most diverse school I have seen
They could offer more AP or honor classes and offer more tutoring sessions.
They offer something for everyone and if you want to start up a new club or group, everyone supports it.
This school offers many clubs and parents/students are always very involved.
The teachers are there for support and put in that extra mile to make a difference.
I always feel safe at our school. Very rarely are there ever bullying issues that are brought to the principal. Our school nurses are always in their offices are take great care of you.
We have some teachers that go above and beyond what they need to do to make a lesson engaging while others just can't be bothered. We have some teachers that could be considered "red flags" and most students do whatever they can to get switched out of that class.
The most popular extracurricular opportunities at our school are sports like football, basketball, baseball/softball. If you are not involved in any of these sports you find yourself sitting at home finding your own ways to keep yourself occupied. There are hunting/fishing clubs but they do not meet that often or do many activities together.
Fair Haven Union High School is the most welcoming high school you'll ever enter. Everyone is super friendly, outgoing, and motivating. Grade levels always have healthy competition between them to keep motivated during fundraisers and events like Slaterbration and Winter Carnival.
I had really good experiences with the track and field team. I would choose this school for that specific reason. However, I would pick any other school that offered the same track and field because the available classes for higher education is severely lacking.
The people and the student's that go to my school were the best/ inspiring people.
Good choice of curriculum, strong athletic offerings, decent teachers. Terrible guidance counselors.
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it straighten the kids the right away.
GO TEAM! is very important at our school. So Go Team!
My review on the extracurriculars activities are the best at my school because it keeps the kids thinking and active.
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