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I love Fair Grove. The small town feeling is the best. The best part of Fair Grove High School is all of the staff and the students. All of the staff generally care and get to know the students. The best part about the students is their competitiveness to learn. Everyone wants to be the best. Knowing everyone and being their for people is what Fair Grove is all about.
Fair Grove school staff puts its students first in providing great safety measures, keeping bullying to none, makes sure all the students feel safe, and give access to a school nurse. The staff also provides healthy meals and other healthy options for students.
There are many extra-curriculars that would suite many different types of people. The middle-school and elementary have many after school activities to help engage students, while the high-school has many clubs, but only a few after school activites.
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I love the small town school. Even though it can be irritating that everyone knows everything, it can really help to get support from your peers, teachers, and community. I love having a community that is proud of our school and all of the achievements we have.
All the teachers I have had help any struggling students and encourage students to participate in class activities as well as supporting those who participate in extra-curricular activities. All of my teachers show concern when they see that students are not acting or performing normally, and help them to resolve problems. My teachers are open to any questions, school related or not. I could not ask for smarter, more caring, and approachable teachers.
Most facilities are decent some do needs work with aesthetics.
It really varies by a teacher to teacher bases on the way they teach some are too big on making the classes college prepped and others are lenient.
Very Christian community so sexual orientation isn't very welcomed but otherwise the community is friendly.
This school is very passionate about kids and their health and safety and trying to prevent kids from getting into drugs and alcohol.
The clubs, events, and athletics department make the experience fun.
Food gets fairly repetitive after going there for a few years.
They are very strict on dress code and disciplinary actions but for those who don't have a good reputation.
There are a lot of opportunities to join sports. This school is very passionate about what they stand for in their teams. Especially football.
Overall quality of teachers are great. They are very engaging and do care about their students and their success.
I had an amazing experience learning leadership skills being a vice president for the art club. It was the most meaningful experience I've had in the school environment.
I was semi prepared, I thought college would be a lot harder but not til I got to the harder classes.
They don't go over and beyond like they should. They are mostly coaches so they have other stuff to do too. Also their grading is pretty slow.
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We don't have a very large variety in different clubs outside of SADD, FFA, and FBLA.
I had a revelation in myself after I graduated and I worked hard and went to Evangel which was a great emotional decision but not financially. Unfortunately, my high school warned of colleges like this being expensive but I didn't listen. However, after a year away from Evangel, I feel better able to cope financially.
There are many clubs that students can join, especially if they aren't into athletics or after school sports.
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