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This school is a very safe place. They hear everyone's voice. They meet everyone's needs. There's always someone for everyone. I came here from a whole different state, I came here scared. I learned quickly that, that school truly is safe and the people within it care a lot about your well being and education. Every single kid is given a chance to a bigger, better future here. I totally recommend this school to every kid who needs a reason to stay in school or doesn't know what they want to further their education for.
I'm currently a senior at Facing History New Tech high school, and while the school is great there are a few minor flaws. There's no air conditioning in 98% of the school, and it's on the top floor. Meaning during the spring, summer and early fall it gets hot. Some of the tech doesn't work as well as needed to. The teachers are great though, and do their best to make sure everyone receives the best education.
This high school was by far the best high school I ever attended ! They teach you trust, respect, and responsibility! I am honored to be one of the first graduating seniors of FHNT!
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I'm a student at facing history new tech high school. I enjoy this school very much the teachers are always willing to help you. They have helped me get though my classes and have helped me stay on task in school.
I love Facing History New Tech. These past four years have been amazing. There is teachers that can connect with the students and support them with anything they need help with. There are some students that do not behave well, but the majority of our students are well behaved and respectful.
I like the school everything like teachers, students, and building. Also I like how everyone respects each other .
What I like about Facing History New Tech school is, all of the students treated each other as family. The teachers care about their students, they treat them as their children. We don't have uniforms as other schools. Also, each student has a MacBook computer. I really like the school and it's totally different from other schools.
There is a zero bullying tolerance at the school. As a student I always felt safe because we have security at the door along with a metal detector and an x-ray machine, not to mention that the teachers were always keeping an eye out for the students. If a student gets hurt in any way there is always a nurse on site that is very knowledgeable. If the school calls on police, the police usually arrives within minutes. Overall I was very happy at the school!!!
This school pushed me to become a better me, a me that is proud of himself. This school took the time to mold us into the human beings that this world so desperately needs. It molded us into young adults that care for not just themselves but for everyone equally. it taught us to respect other cultures, beliefs, orientations, likes, dislikes, etc. I loved the fact that the school took us to different places to explore other Facing History Schools and the way they learned. the best part of it all was the way the teachers gave their all so that us a students could succeed in life. they pushed us to be the best that we can be. If I had to do it all over again, Facing History New Tech would be my #1 choice hands down. All others fall short in comparison to it.
All of the teachers went above and beyond to make sure that all of the students understood the topics being taught. The teachers made sure everyone participated and took the time to explain everything thoroughly. Teachers had an open door policy where even if they were on break they would make time for all of the students. Over all I will miss Facing History's teachers because it is their contribution into my life that has enabled me, and pushed me to go to college and pursue a better me with a better future.
Unique is an understatement when talking about Facing History New Tech. I do not regret attending this school at all. It has taught me so many things over the last 4 years, that I am grateful to have chosen to attend. I have been given the opportunity to travel, find myself, grow stronger presentation skills and social skills. Before attending I was a person who wasn't very outspoken. This school has taught me that taking risks and feeling challenged is a good thing. I was able to go to Los Angeles, California paid, for a week, which is one memory that I will forever cherish and be very grateful for. I have been given so many opportunities that as a senior in high school I can say I feel I am ready for the real world!
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