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Fabius-Pompey Middle School High School Reviews

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Fabius Pompey was an interesting experience. I have gone there since kindergarten and because of the size I knew almost everyone in my class all the way through my school career. So because of the school size the diversity is very low. The only reason it isn't five stars is because of our school size, if cliques start to form those students that don't conform to a clique are basically left out of most social activities.
The education value is nice but the environment is not. Favoritism and politics play a huge part in who gets what. It is not diverse at all.
It's a great small school. The size of the school allows students to form great relationships with their teachers and classmates. The only drawbacks are lack of availability of some clubs and subjects that you would find at a larger high school.
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It's a very small school but is a highly rated school in NY. The teachers really care about the students and want them to succeed. It's easy to get one on one time if you're struggling. The sports are a big part of school, with pep rallies and fundraisers etc.
I would definitely want my kids to come here! The teachers for the most part are pretty great, I learned alot from most of my teachers. The sports are very fun and you can easily get on a team if you want to. Bullying for the most part is pretty under control. Overall a 3.5/5 school!
The teachers were all very nice and generally helpful most of the time. But what I would like to see was more help.
Fabius-Pompey MS-HS is a fine school to go to and I have made many memories there as a result. Through sports and the arts I have created many unforgettable moments. Although the culture in the town could be way better, as the community is so small it is hard to do many sports at once or do many organized events within the community without heavily advertising for either. It is, however, a nice community that will come together in the toughest of times.
The nurses office is great, they are caring and helpful and clean. We don't really have to worry about many or any threats at our school but we still practice just in case and to be safe.
The sports are great and the music programs are also wonderful.
This small school is great because you connect with your teachers and form wonderful relationships with them yet they are skilled in what they are teaching and able to help each kid out individually because of the small class sizes.
They're all pretty good, most all dedicated and care that all students do well and succeed. They make connections with their students
The nurses are on duty all the time so you don't have to fret about being sick or having a bloody nose. Also, the staff will make sure to help you in case a health related situation comes about.
The extracurricular activities are relatively great due to fact that everyone, girls and boys, can participate in them. These activities include Math League, the Shakespeare club, and others that one can imagine.
The school itself Is a child friendly place, and the staff are very friendly as well. It's not hard to find your way around the school, you can celebrate your inner falcon with everyone.
The teachers really engage the stidents with their teaching no matter what the subject is. Also, the teachers like to give a perspective on a real world example of their teachings.
Our Teen Institute Club was amazing. We involved the entire community by hosting "Kid's Night Out" where parents could drop off little ones and we would safely engage them in games and other fun activities. It also offered a retreat which really impacted students. We partnered with AT&T to do a campaign against texting and driving, and chalked the walkway to the school every year before prom with messages that promoted healthy behaviors at prom. National Honor Society was also great. We went to the Rescue Mission to volunteer and raised money against child slavery across the world. Our Math League was called "cow pies" and was super popular and got students really exited about math. There was a club for most people available, and involvement was always possible because of our small size. And between clubs, such as NHS and Student Council, there was a real sense of unity.
I was able to involve myself in so many diverse activities because of the small size. At Fabius, it's possible to play three sports, attend Teen Institute, and join other clubs. Our Chapter of the National Honor Society was amazing as well, because by being so tight-knit, we were able to evoke the most possible change in our school and the community. Teachers push you to be the best student you can be, coaches encourage students to dream, and the overall sense of family at the school is entirely unmatched by anything else I've experienced in education.
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I will never forget my teachers from Fabius-Pompey. They were the best role models I've ever had. Many of them have kept in touch with me after I graduated, and some of them are the first people I tell when I experience success. They are incredible people. Most of them taught in a very democratic fashion, wherein our input was encouraged and valued. Importantly as well, they were extremely involved in the community, and genuinely cared about all of their students.
The band trips are the best part. Last year we got first place at a competition. It is so much fun.
The teachers are kind. Some teachers use a lot of technology, and homework is done online.
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