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The teachers and administration in Fabens is exceptional. I was fortunate enough to be taught by some of the best teachers in the area.
It’s a very satisfying school, where one can feel comfortable on who is giving them their education. I wouldn’t go anywhere else if I could.
School is great, much can be done to make it even better! My experience here has made me ready for college and ultimately ready for life. From academics to sports, this school is good but improvement can be made. Teachers do care about students. It’s great to be able to attend a great school and I’m proud to be able to attend.
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My experience here at Fabens High School has been amazing. I have to give thanks to all my teachers throughout the years they have pushed me to be the best and never settle for less! The teacher that stands out to me is Mr.Kargar he is a math teacher here at Fabens High! He has taught me to never give up in life no matter how hard life gets! The change I would want for Fabens High School would be to get more students involved in extra activity such as UIL events. My four years here at Fabens High School has been excellent! Once a wildcats always a wildcat! Go cats!
I love the support given from student to student. Fabens high school is located in a very small district where everybody knows each other. The teachers are always there to motivate their students and see them succeed they never settle to just good.
In my 4 years attending the school, it has been nothing but great times. I was offered classes I never imagined taking, I was surrounded by good people majority of the time. Although just like every school there's teenage drama that sometimes got out of hand, the authority was able to fix it.
The security and safety policies are great at this school. It always has a security making sure nothing goes bad and are friendly as well. They help students with their needs such as checking security cameras for stolen items. All the doors are locked from the outside so it makes it harder for an enemy to get in.
We have a lot of extracurricular activities. Some of which include such as Hosa, NHS, NAHS, Student council, Yearbook, Newspaper, Youth for christ, etc. We also are able to take dual credit courses at the lab to get credit for college. Over all all these opportunities are fun and helps you get to know new people.
Overall my experience at this school was great. I had no problem with my grades, teachers, nor my homework. Each teacher I had were great at teaching me their subject. This school is unique to me because it keeps some of its traditions it has had since the school opened such as pep-rallies and bonfires.
Most teachers in my high school are great. Most students look forward to going to their classes because most teachers make it fun while teaching their students which makes it better for the student to learn. The way the teachers teach is the will do an activity with the class as a whole. Then they will divide the class with their groups, and at the end each student will work on their own.
The security is really friendly, so is the state trooper that is there on a daily basis. I feel safe knowing that they're both there to protect us if anything ever happen.
I was in sports along with many other academic clubs. They've given me the opportunities that I would've never been able to experience, such as traveling and competing in both athletics and academics. They also helped me find my strengths as well as my weaknesses, if it weren't for these clubs I wouldn't be the successful well-rounded student I am now.
I've been able to blossom in this high school, with the help of amazing coaches, advisers and teachers. The school as a whole has shaped me into the woman I am today.
The teachers teach what they're supposed to, but sometimes may not engage students or help bring it into the real world. They are available at certain hours, but for athletes or students in other extracurricular activities some teachers don't work with them.
Very safe actions are taken

The programs at the school are pretty interesting and are encouraging.
The parents love to show up to the games and support the students.
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The teachers encourage you to get a education and help you as much as they can to learn.
Not long ago, there was a lockdown in all school campuses because there was a man with a gun walking around. While the situation was happening, i felt very safe because the sheriff's department was there in a matter of minutes.
The after school and extracurricular activities here in this school are very educational and fun. In the marching band, students learn about teamwork and how it can accomplish monumental tasks.
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