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Ezra L. Nolan School - P.S. 40 Reviews

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This is the worst middle school in Jersey city. I should have known something was wrong when I was asked to sign a petition to get rid of the principal. There are gangs running through this school like it's a playground. The fights in and out of this school are dailey.. The principal doesn't care, the staff doesn't care, and some of the parents are worst than the students. I pulled my son out of this horrid place so fast.
This School Is The Best , I wanna transfer here but my parents won’t let me. Sure sometimes fights might happen but we kids are only growing up and becoming mature. Parents don’t realize that some kids have a dream to come here and be with their friends . This school is a good school it should have a A- ranking
This school is terrible at everything thing you can thing about. As you can see schools such as ps. 4 should be band from this state. It is no longer a healthy environment for students or teachers. This school is also interrupting police time. This non-sense should no longer be allowed in this state. I have heard complaints that students are getting bullied and can no longer concentrate.
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I am a former student of Ezra.. Not the best school. The principal sucks, decent diversity, school lunches have always been under-cooked for me. 6th grade year there I was bullied, as well as my friend.. After getting out in 6th grade, I realized how little I knew once I moved onto another school for the next grade.. Teachers are OK, some lacked a lot of professionalism. Rest of the staff/security guards are good. My mom, used to attempt to come to the school every-so-often to drop off lunch for me..Principal refused to let her or any more parents visit during school hours. Several times, there has been police coming to the school for brutal fights. Probably the best thing in this school has to be the pool..
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