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Ezequiel Tafoya Alvarado Academy Reviews

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This school is well united and you are granted a great relationship with your teacher. I just wish our school had honors programs and high classes for students who are prepared for it.
We have had no serious hazard at our school.
Our school doesn't have as many clubs as other schools but they are very competitive in their sports. Most of the kids are active in joining a sport. About half of the students at the school attend a sport.
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I remember during my 5th grade year we took a trip to San Francisco and went to go visit this amazing science museum. The only students that were allowed to go were the kids who had at least 5 student of the moth awards.
My school is really small and hardly no one knows about it. I attended that school when it was brand new. I easily made friends and it felt like a family. The principal knew most of the students' first and last name, he always interacted with the school.
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