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I had a great education but suffered sever bullying, not only from students but also from teachers. Teachers and other faculty showed favoritism and families used their money for their childrens gain. Teachers told me I was going to hell because I was not Church of Christ.

Wonderful education but not sure it was worth the emotional turmoil I went through. IT wasn't until I got to college I realized that's not how everyone was treated.
I loved Ezell just for the fact I went into college very well prepared. It was a smaller school so everyone was close which was nice. Teachers cared and were intentional with students. But overall I received a very good education while I was there for 13 years.
I honestly love this school! I went to a different private school in the Nashville area before Ezell and the difference is amazing! You truly have teachers that care about you academically and spiritually.
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It is a wonderful, diverse, and fun environment. It is smaller and more personal. You really get to know the teachers and students around you. Christian and kind atmosphere.
Ezell Harding is a wonderful school. We have been at the school for 14 years. We have seen the school grow in diversity and witnessed firsthand the care and love that is provided to each student that attends school. Student to attend schools are nurtured in a caring environment for each student is encouraged to strive to achieve be the best they can be.
I have been at Ezell Harding for 13 years and I have loved every single one of them! The grade sizes are smaller so my 12th-grade class is my family. The student body is so close-knit and it's amazing.
Ezell-Harding is a fantastic school to prepare kids academically for college. However, there are few sports, few opportunities for musical kids, and no drama club to talk about.
I liked my years at Ezell Harding School, teachers are so friendly, Family atmosphere, several chances to proof yourself through so many activities. very well prepared academically for collage.

I would like to see more student join our school.
I've been going to this school since 1st grade. I owe everything to the teachers and coaches for pushing me to succeed in everything I do. This school is amazing and the education and classes offered are above any other school around
I would like to see more school spirit and more students come to EHCS. The athletics need to improve and so do the amount of clubs and activites provided. There are not a lot of options since the school size and student size is so small.
Ezell-Harding Christian School is like a second home to me. I have been in this environment since I was about 4 years old. I left for a year and upon my return, I felt incredibly welcome. The people in the community are like a big family.
Excellent job at preparing students for the future. Great culture among the students. Has some faculty that is the greatest you will ever have, but also has some of the worst you will ever have especially among the younger teachers. As a former student of 14 years, I saw the quality of teachers diminish over the years with new hires, and it affected the overall quality of the school.
Ezell-Harding is a great school that supplies students with a great education and great knowledge about Jesus Christ. We have chapel 3 days out of the week. The students are very respectful and act like a family to each other. Ezell-Harding is a small school and that is what makes the school great. The students and teachers have a great connection as if they are their second parents.
I have been at Ezell all my academic life. The staff and students there are like my family. A lot of people look down at how small our school is but I find that it is a great environment for making lifelong relationships. The only thing I wish for is a greater array of options of extracurricular activities.
I have attended Ezell-Harding Christian School for 14 years now. I've made some of the best friendships and teacher relationships through the school. I've been pushed to do great things and reach abilities I wouldn't never have reached had my teachers not believed in me. It is a tough school with lots of homework but past students come back and tell us that college is easier for them since they've gone through Ezell's tough and rigorous academic program. I would like to see a rise in student attendance as it has dropped over the years. Ezell and its faculty are working long and hard to improve and update the school and it's facilities to fit in with more modern times such as a rise in the technology. We have been given chromebooks to reduce the use of paper and it makes keeping assignments easier for those who are more likely to lose them.
If I could give 10 stars for college readiness, I would! I can not thank Ezell enough for how they have prepared me to succeed in college. This school truly cares about its students whether it be in their academics, athletics, or faith. Your child will be safe and will gain tools for future success that are unmatched by any other school around!
The best bang for your buck in Tennessee! I attended Ezell-Harding for high school, and let me tell you, I am happy I did! Ezell has set me and countless others up for success in college and beyond. You will be hard pressed to find an alum that will say they were not completely prepared for college after graduating from Ezell. Teachers care for you and your success; all of them are readily available to help your child with ANYTHING they need. Athletics are always competitive. Food is now much better than in the past, Angelo's Picnic Pizza, a local restaurant, heads up the cafeteria food, and it definitely isn't just pizza! If you are wanting a school that where your child will be safe, well prepared for college, and have the full support of faculty, look no further than Ezell-Harding!
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I like that it is a pre-k through 12 grade school. I have formed close relationships with friends I've had since Pre-K. It is a small school which makes it easy for the teachers and other faculty to know each other. It is a Christian environment and reinforces my Faith. The education and college prep is impeccable. I feel confident I will succeed in any academic environment I choose in my future
There are no school nurses, but the office workers are even better than a school nurse. They are your second mom when it comes to being sick!
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