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Explorer West Middle School Reviews

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Overall, Explorer West has some very weak and high points. If you or your child is looking for a middle school experience that is rigorous academically and will guarantee academic success, this is the place to go. The academics are definitely solid and worthy, but I would not give them five out of five because of the fact that many kids are extremely overwhelmed and stressed with the workload. Especially in the eighth grade year I have seen many kids suffer with some serious depression and even self harm issues because of the pressure the school puts on some of it's students. The teachers at Explorer West are very supportive overall and are always willing to answer questions. Some of the teachers can definitely be harsh on the kids if you get on their bad side, though. The culture is usually okay, but many of the kids tend to gossip. The diversity is also weak. Really not a good school, but not the worst.
My daughter is graduating this summer, and I hope she can find a private high school as good as EW. The teachers knew her an an intimate level unlike other schools, and she has blossomed into a smart, prepared, confident, young woman. I am truly grateful for what Explorer West has taught her, inside AND outside the classroom. Every day, I am reminded of what a wonderful choice we made coming here. the small class sizes and experienced, caring faculty are really just the icing on the cake. After going to explorer west for 3 years, my daughter can ace any test, and get into any school. The experience she got at explorer west is something that any child COULD NOT GET at a public middle school.
It's very hit or miss. I found my favorite teacher of all time at this school, also the worst I've ever seen. The staff turnover is higher than expected. Most of them are very knowledgable of their subject and willing to help struggling students, and adjust difficulty levels to meet everyone's needs.
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There are no clubs, only extra-curricular sports. Band, choir, and art are all required curriculum during every semester.
There was a strong sense of community at this small school, but it was very expensive and consequently devoid of many students of color. There are frequent and challenging outdoor trips required of every student, so someone with physical disabilities would be alienated and left out.
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