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The academics great. The science and math courses are challenging, at least AP level. I have not taken any art classes, but I know there are a few offered here. The English is challenging as well. There is very little teacher support here, though. (The teachers will help you on campus, but the teachers online sometimes won't.) If you have smart friends or parents, you will be fine.
There are no extracurricular opportunities
The teachers are awesome on campus, and they will do everything they can to help you. However, I am only on campus once a week. Talking on the phone with the teachers at AAI is a crapshoot. You could get an amazing teacher that wants to help you, or you could get a cruddy teacher that wants to get off the phone as soon as possible. Online classes can be very isolating, as well. I am only on campus once a week, so I don't really know any of the other students there. There are no school events or clubs, the buildings need updating, and there is rarely any peer interactions.
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Since all of the classes are online, most of the material is easy to understand. However, when you want to work ahead on the weekends/working during weekdays and you need help on something, the teachers may not be avaible. Some teachers are really nitpicky and rude, as well. However, there are a few teachers that will bend over backwards to help you.
Teachers are amazing. Extremely supportive and they give individual attention to each student and work as hard as possible to make sure the student is successful and understanding the material. I always felt I was terrible at Math and Science, but they made sure to never give up on me and help me in every way that they could. Academics are usually your typical Science, Math, Writing, etc. At least when I was there. Everything you need to be ready for College.
There isn't really a lot to do. When I was there, the only thing that you could really do was the ASB club. I haven't been there in years though, so I can't really say if it's changed or not.
My favorite experience was when I went to an ASB Leadership Camp on Mount Baker with my classmates and the teacher who ran the ASB. At first, it was difficult for me to bond with my classmates and want to be near them, but after my teacher convinced me to do Open Mic in front of the entire camp, I ended up being loved and respected by everyone there. Including my classmates. The teachers genuinely care and they focus on you 100%. They want you to succeed and will always be there to listen to you or make sure you're safe. They never don't have time for you. Even when they're busy, they always make time.
The teachers at Explorer Academy saved my life. Literally. I was torn apart mentally and emotionally at my High School. The teachers didn't care and they didn't want me to succeed. I was done trusting adults and students. The teachers at Explorer Academy fought tooth and nail to earn my trust and show me my potential that they saw. They never gave up on me when I was being stubborn or emotional, and they were always willing to listen and support me. They never let me give up and always tried to help me understand issues that I didn't get right away like Science or Math. It was because of them that I ended up not taking my life, graduating High School, and attending my first college.
Usually an ASB club is about it. It may have changed since I've been there.
Basically what you'd expect anywhere else.
Staff is caring and attentive. Helps you succeed
The best that I've ever had.
Smaller school, but enough to help success
I've gone to a great Junior College.
Lots of diverse personalities at this school.
Helps lagging students catch up in credits.
I attend the college full time so I'm not there often.
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It's an alternative school so not many opportunities.
I am actively enrolled in Community College.
Need better communication between staff/students
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