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Explore Knowledge Academy Charter Elementary School Reviews

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The first year my daughter attended this school, her grades went from C's and D's to A's and B's. I saw a difference in her as well as the children she was socializing with. This school doesn't stand for bullying and are constantly striving to be on top. I am pleased and glad I enrolled my daughter in this school. Every year the school improves their clubs and activities, safety, administration, food, facilities, sports and resources. Thank you EKA!
There aren't that many clubs but that's because of the lack of people interested in starting one. Many people get involved with the after school clubs offered, a popular one is animal lovers club.
I would choose this school everytime if I had to do it over again. The main qualities of this school will be used throughout my life. If I had went to public school I would not have been challenged to learn more and do better.
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The teachers actually care about wether or not you pass their class. Many teachers are willing to stay after school to help struggling students. Teachers listen to your ideas and actually apply them to make the school better. Overall the teachers have degrees and real world teaching experience to respected on the subjects they teach.
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