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Okay so I do not recommend the school what so ever. If you don't ride "your bus number" you get disciplinary points for "ditching" even though you're taking the bus home. And I've also witnessed students being bullied by teachers in the classroom. Also it's funny how they say " we care about the students here" but since they added a middle school they don't really care about the high schoolers anymore. And the classes go by way too fast like the classes for one term is either 19 or 22 days and you can't expect someone to learn all that information and also focusing on the other classes they have when if you fail one standard on the exit exams you fail the whole class and you have to retake it until you pass it. And I know they say "get help" but that's kind of hard to do when most teachers aren't willing to help you. So therefore I wouldn't send my child there if I wanted them to have a good education. Also there are better schools to go to.
Our daughter attended mid school at a big private school. For high school, she wanted dual credit classes and more collaborative than adversarial relationships with teachers. We have been thrilled! The staff are the most professional, caring and hard working people. Great culture of teamwork, respect, and hard work. I credit Justin Baiardo for developing such a great school! My daughter says she works harder and the teachers are better. I am impressed with the scope and sequence of classes. The classes are small, creative, and engaging. Students know their learning goals and have a flex period to study (with tutors available). Interesting electives. My daughter in a biking course where she is learning rules of the road and care of bikes (even changing tires). I have been surprised by the availability of sports/clubs. My daughter is on the coed high school soccer team. It has been a great experience. The upper classman have been friendly. We love this school!
Explore Academy gives students a positive learning environment. The staff is more than willing to help students who are struggling in any subject. At Explore, the students are friendly and go out of their way to make new students feel included.
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Explore Academy is the best thing to ever happen to me! Everyone is nice to each other there, and everyone is focused on academics. It’s unique and keeps me intrigued!
Explore Academy Charter School is an incredible college preparatory school which provides students with the ability to customize their own education while feeling confident in perusing academics.
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