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Explorations academy is an amazing school were teachers push you to try your best and staff that care about the students that go there
What I loved about explorations academy was the way they teach there student to learn and also loved there soccer team
This school makes trips to go visit colleges which help student to think about college during the school years. But the school actually doesn't do much to improve the graduation rate.
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i really love my school because of many things. Some of the reason why i love my school is because of everybody in it ,they are so friendly and very helpful , for example teachers who really care about you ,security guys in the school who protect us like if we were their own kids. The school does everything in their power to motivate every single students to do his best and as a most of the students are giving everything the got. Some example of what the school does to motivate the students are, for example give movie ticket to the first honor roll students, gave a MacDonald gift card ,subway gift card, medals and many more awards. if i got a chance to choose another school i will not choose it because i already got the best school that i need to graduate and have a wonderful future. i love explorations academy high school and i am more than 100 % sure that every student will said the same thing or even more much more great things about explorations academy.
Before I enrolled in Explorations Academy I was having a hard time in my old school.I was being bullied and I was failing.When I came to this school I was greeted by kind caring teachers who helped my grades improved.I even made friend who I wouldn't trade for the world.Though this school is far from perfect ,I'm happy there and would enroll here again.
The school tries to spice up lunch time every now and then by adding new meals to the menu .Some very good and edible such as the Alfredo chicken with noddle or the chicken fingers/paddies .Some not so good like Veggy meat.
The administration and policies aren't too strict and can be followed.So when they aren't the student(s) will receive the appropriate amount of punishment from detention to being expelled.
The girl's soccer team is very hard working and they have a great couch who pushes them.

He is my AP literature teacher.Not only is he very accomplished ,he works very hard to ensure his students can achieve all that they can .He is willing to help any student who asks /or needs it and also willing to turn a blind eye to late assignments to give you a second chance at passing.
One for example is the National Honor Society (NHS),

This program allows student like myself get scholarships and make an impression on their colleges.
This school offers so much. They offer us Advanced Placements (AP) classes to computers in every room. Also high advanced math like Trignometry .
If you visit Explorations Academy you would see a full house in thr cafeterias . We also have vending machines which contains flavored watet. Everyone loves the school lunch because we have a choice on milk or water and have a salad cart.
What makes this school unique is the teachers/staff they teach us in a way that we would deffinetly understand. I would choose this school again because not only did I learn about highschool stuff they taught us a lot about college.
In our school building you are never cold and your never warm. They always makes us feel comfortable depending on the weather outside.
Everytime one of the teams have a game more then 20 students go and support. We are all supportive and have good school spirit.
My highschool provides all the extra curriculum activities you can think of.From sports to our new music club. This is thr smartest thing to do so us kids can keep up with our grades. If we fail any type of class we won't be able to play tje sports we love, so it encourages us a lot and keeps us focused.
I feel really dafe in my school, not just because they're is more then 5 school safety guards but the staff are very helpful and cares so much for us students. They would try they're hardest so no one would get hurt and that's one great thing about my school.
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