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Expeditionary Learning School for Community Leaders Reviews

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It’s good that you don’t have to take any regents in this school besides the English regents your junior year. The way you pass a certain class is based on the academic work you do over the course and your leadership grade that’s 30% of your grade. You also have to do a PBAT for every class that you have as well.
I like that leaders has a good program for kids to focus on there work. I would like to see change in the technology.
The learning environment is great- teachers are supportive and students respect each other- but the pace is beyond slow and not challenging at all.
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It’s my senior year in Leaders High School. When I entered this school I was an immigrant and I knew a little English. Teachers inspired me to learn the language amd their support system was great. Also different sports teams such as volleyball and cheerleading helped as well. Some changes I would like to see in my school would be to open more clubs about adult life. Seniors who are graduating are learning a lot in school but we are not really prepared for real life experience, so it would be nice if we had a club like that.
This school provided me with a lot of support and warm-hearted community, that welcome everyone to its community.
I had a wonderful experience at Leaders High School. All throughout the four years of high school, I had the opportunity to call my school and friends, my home and family instead. One of the many features of this school was Crew. Crew is similar to what school would like to say homeroom but, it takes the next step further. Crew is a bunch of students and one Crew teacher that stays together for the four years of school. We bond with each other, learn about college together, have potluck and act as a family. This is also all possible because of the teachers. These teachers show that they care for us and always pushes us to do the extra mile. They want us to do good and most of all, they support us. The teachers helped my friends and I to create the Anime/Comic Book club, helped find internships based on the career I want(film), stayed back after school to help me with work I didn't understand and my peers and friends were right there, by my side, to keep moving forward.
I like this school because I learned a lot of new things in this school.Teacher as well as the students are supportive and helpful to each other.
The academics are ok but could be better. I like that students only have to take the english regents. The PBAT system is better in my opinion than regents but still needs to be improved.
This school cares a lot for their students, and the staff tries really hard so they can see everyone succeed at life. Even after graduation they will still help and care for you. Going to this school gave me a second family that I can live with for the rest of my life, and I am attending a very good college because of Leaders. I will forever be grateful.
This schools way of learning is unique because it is an outward bound school which allows me and other schools to learn in a new and unique way.
Leaders High school is a below average school with poor academic focus and lack of academic opportunities. Students are not pushed to pursue more in terms of reaching their full potential. However, with that being said the teachers are friendly and does put focus on students' personal life with all intention of helping them.
My school is very different from all the rests. Instead of taking tests we learn by doing hands-on projects and all of the writing papers similar to what would be expected of me to do in college in order to pass. The teachers are closed with their students and the students trust the teachers enough to tell them about their personal lives/struggles. The teachers are always willing to help you out with anything. Every year we have our own day to celebrate LGBTQ pride at my school. And for freshman orientation, we go on a camping trip with all the freshmen. "we are crew, not passengers" this means that we should always have each other's backs and help each other out when needed.
Teachers dont have much control over the students.
However, teachers are extremely supportive through your years.
The school is extremely small, but there are many after school programs available.
I am a senior student and I am here since freshman year. I changed several school but when I came to leaders high school in my opinion this is the best school in the world. The reason behind this is that all the teachers have very unique way of teaching. The lectures are never boring. We learn by getting entertain in this school for example the activities teachers provide, the field trips, Socratic seminars, games, jeopardy, and round tables. I always recommend this school to my neighbors who are in 8th grade and are looking for a best high school. This school is best for finding a good college. This is a small school with lots of opportunities and have taught me of how to get out of my comfort zone. The thing I would want to change is to have our own building instead of sharing with other school but I want the same amount of students and same type of education standards.
I really like this school because everyone are friendly and are like a family. Everybody helps each other out when they needed. We have a class called crew which we works as a crew. We support each other when we needed. The teachers and adults are nice and they helps us in a lots of ways. The things that I would like to change is uniform and they are doing it arleady.
My school is a College driven school where after our first year of high school we start focusing more and more on colleges by visiting colleges sophomore year and starting our CUNY and SUNY list our junior year along with internships and taking the SAT our junior and senior year. We are a one floor school and there are about 22-25 students in each class but there is usually two teachers in each class so that all student can ask fro help. All students are assigned to a crew which is an advisory group that helps us academically through our 4 years
they think they over run everyone else

they overuse theirpower
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every school wide activity always has students excited
all the teachers are ableto depict whether or not youre feeling blue or happy.

they somehow make time to check in with you.
Teachers would constantly push you to challenge yourself when you feel that the work is too simple/easy.
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