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With my now 4 years worth of experience at ECPA, I can say the faculty and staff helped me tremendously when it came to college readiness.
I liked that at Eximius they pushed you to be college ready and achieve more then just a passing grade. At Eximius the teachers try to help you as much as possible no matter where you're at and actually care about you passing and understanding the material.
I love how there is the staff and teachers being very supportive of you and being on top of you making sure that you are on the right path and feel you from your rights and wrongs. To add on, students are offered various of opportunities, such as after school clubs, summer programs, and to be part of a summmer bridge program to help incoming freshmen.
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My experience at Eximius College Preparatory Academy has been one to remember. The friends i’ve made both with students and teachers is great and i’ve learned a lot from them as well. I grew as a person and as a student.
Im a senior in this school. I never really liked the school because they do to much. But over all its an alright school
Eximius college prep is a pretty good school, it's small and everyone knows everyone . The staff are friendly and the teachers care a great deal about your education. The food however could improve but other wise from that the acedims and diversity is really good.
I had a good experience at Eximius. The teachers are very nice and they are dedicated when it comes to working with students. The counsellors help and guide you step by step to apply for college and other college related stuff.
My experience in Eximius is amazing because you get to create and get into may difference clubs. I love that fact that Eximius teachers are decatied to encourage the students to keep going and they are willing to give us their all.
I like how my school allows you to take many AP courses so you can be college ready. They allow you to have a foretaste of what your future will look like if you want to major in a certain field. One thing my school should change is how the administration deals with certain situations. They aren’t really involved in real life issues when it is brought to their attention.
Great teachers and counselors. They helped me finish high school in 3 years. I learned a lot and I believe because it was a small school, I was able to focus and didnt get lost in the shuffle.
This school is an excellent school because it's an all uniform school so there's less discrimination. They help you be collage ready and children have lots of goals.
I enjoy the fact that you can build a connection with the staff. Also, the guidance counselor is really helpful.
I had a horrible time as a student. I was picked on by the teachers and the faculty. The principle never made me feel safe, if anything, he put me down a lot. I was not the best student in high school, but that is no reason to pick and constantly egg on a student. I was given detention all the time for the minor reasons, while the "good" students were given passes. I was classified as a bad kid and they used that against me all four years. Even when I tried to change my ways, the staff made it so difficult for me to achieve goals.
It is a contradicting situation. At first, everything seems okay but there's is no real source of inspiration nor motivation. Like in any other school, there is favoritism, and the administration only seems to care about themselves. There is no one really in charge of the school because Dr. Daly doesn't show that he cares. The teachers are either the best teachers in the world or the worst to ever teach, if you pick randomly. This school is hard to love but also hard to hate. Asses need to be kissed in order to be privilidged which I freaking hate!!! They choose who they want to succeed. I'll give it 6/10.
The school enables us to growth through diversity and it's a great learning experience it's not perfect but no school is as a small school it gives us a humble background and although it's size is small it provides us a college based learning experience
This school is amazing when it comes to preparing for college! They have provided me so far with many resources and websites to apply for scholarships, internships, and summer programs that I will be participating in this year.
I really enjoyed attending Eximius. The school culture was great.They really prepared me for college.I loved my teachers they were very supportive.
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I like how they help every student to get ready for college one thing they need to change is some of the way some teachers teach they move too fast
My school is very safe. Security guards are always at the doors or walking around on the floor just to make sure each and every student is safe .If a student needs to go to the nurse they will get permission to go right away . The nurse is always available when someone needs her. Additionally bullying is that a problem at my school all the students. are treated fairly.
Extracurricular Activities that are at my school things such as college now , student government,and the newspaper club. are hings students mostly attend after school, if I had to pick the most popular activity at school it would definitely have to be between student government and use simply because they are very fun and entertaining.
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