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I have attended Exter West Greenwich Regionl Senior High School for the entirety of my high school education. It is a very small school district which causes there to be a lack in diversity. Overall, I feel that academically I have been given a solid foundation. Some teachers more than other have taken their jobs very seriously and I have felt like I have been given a skill set in which will be successful for college.
It is an average high school, nothing big or spectacular really happened. Very welcoming community with the administration that helps to protect and make the school better every day.
Great teachers who really care about their students. Really small classes put you closely in touch with your teachers and help is always available if you need it! The administration has gotten really strict in recent years but it's for the safety and security of the students. Fond memories
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Good academics, good, small school. Overall was a good experience however administration doesn't really know how to properly run a school in the most effective ways.
Exeter-West Greenwich High School was a good school for me to attend. All of the teachers there we always enthusiastic about their job and willing to help out struggling students with work. EWG has an excellent Fine Arts program with drama, band and chorus. The things I would change is more class variety, such as specialized classes for specific college careers like, architecture or pharmaceutical, or even automotive and engineering. The grounds surrounding the school could have more lighting for when kids go into school and it is still dark outside. And maybe have lights for the track and tennis courts.
small school with great sports programs and teachers are very focused on student success. Parents are very involved in their students academic life and teachers will contact parents if they feel they must.
There is a wide selection of extracurricular activities to choose from, including band, jazz band, chorus, drama, sports (many to choose from), art, religion, etc.
The teachers make this school one of the best in RI. They are always available, very responsive and make learning fun for the students.
The academic level of achievement of the students at this school is quite high, which is a direct indication of the caliber of the teachers there. The music department is truly exceptional with teachers that give each student every opportunity to excel and compete.
The extracurricular opportunities at this school are fun and there are many to choose from. There are after-school activies for anyone and they range from outdoor adventure club to math club.
I would choose this school again because the sports events are fun and many students get involved and cheer on their team. The some teachers go beyond what they have to do to teach students.
The teachers at my school each have their own way to get the students interested in the subjects they are teaching. Each teacher will teacher differently from other teachers but that is not bad because students learn in different ways. I think having teachers teach in different ways helps me learn. By not learning the same way in each class helps the students not get board with the work.
starting with health- every school nurse that has been at this highschool has always been nothing short of a saint. safety at this school is also runner up with health to its #1 priority here. very safe, not just physically, the atmosphere feels safe also.
extracurricular opportunities at EWG regional certainly had quite the variety. and every team/group/squad/etc. was definitely a motley crew. but at the very least, these groups of individuals have stuck together in some of the most desperate times of need that i have witnessed. a very strong community, strong indeed.
my experience at this highschool was pretty average over-all i think... of course i wouldnt know because i never attended any other highschool, but like everything it had its severe high's and low's at times, which is what made the good moments stand out from the rest.
there are teachers at this school that have made some of the largest differences in the world to some students, for EWG is grateful for these particular saints...
I personally love this school. As a transfer student I love how close every student is. The Teachers take individual approaches for students successes and will assist in anyway to help you succeed.
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Not a bad school but the some things are not so great. For example yesterday when it was 30 degrees there was no heat so students walked around with gloves and hats on. Most of the time however its doable and I know it could be a lot worse.
My overall experience has been positive.
Heavy emphasis on anti bullying.
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