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Exeter Township Senior High School Reviews

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Exeter Senior High School is flooding with opportunities for its students. The high school offers many clubs, ranging from environmental protection to student government. Teachers have been very helpful throughout my high school experience, and are almost always open to providing extra help to their students. I wouldn't say Exeter is a diverse district, although there are many students who come from a wide range of backgrounds. Exeter has a lot of student pride, and it is truly a great place to learn.
When I went to Exeter, the school was very good. There was a strong focus on academics, but still plenty of opportunities in the arts.
Love Exeter. Good with sports education and general community spirit. School is bigger than parents Hs and I liked my children goin to larger school. More groups of people to hang out with
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Serious matters were taken seriously; Teachers had the drive to have you pass and make sure you understood the material. Teachers were easy going and relaxed. Very welcoming, you could go to anyone about anything.
Exeter senior high has been an accommodating school. It provides everything needed to obtain the knowledge to become a well rounded educated person.
I enjoyed this school because a lot of the teachers were always willing to help. They always try to teach in the best way possible for the students and take the time to make sure everyone understands. A lot of the teachers are very dedicated to their work. There was a lot the students would have to figure out on their own but some teachers were not willing to provide that guidance.
I had some amazing teachers at Exeter High School and they made a lasting impression on me regarding responsibility and education. Although there were also some teachers who performed less than admirably, the great teachers made up for it. The staff was usually helpful to me and my friends, and encouraged students to do their best. The school itself was beautiful and always kept clean. Exeter always stood out as a school that understood the importance of education in technology, including: architecture, engineering, and technical drawing. Exeter was also a decently diverse school, with many students coming from different backgrounds to learn together and share experiences.
In Exeter High School, the academics are superior to most. I enjoyed the sports, my friends, and the clubs. I would, of course, change some of the rules that are employed by the school.
I really enjoyed my time at Exeter Senior High School. I was very close with a lot of my teachers, I made a few lifetime friends while I was there, and I had a lot of opportunities as a student. I went to France on an exchange program, I traveled to Disney World 2 times as a member of the marching band and concert choir, and learned valuable life lessons on each of those trips.
My experience at Exeter Senior High School was amazing in my eyes. I only attended there for my high school career, but that was okay because I made a bunch of friends there in the mean time. I was not only coached by my chemistry teacher, but he was the head coach of our football team. He made me realize so much more about life with playing the sport of football. We ended our season undefeated 10-0, but eventually lost in our second round of playoffs to a much bigger school Cumberland valley.
Attending Exeter High School the past four years has taught me so much both academically and personally. With the useful teachers in place, the importance of the teacher-student relationship stood out to me. In that, they are there as a resource, preparing you to be the best you possible. Time management and planning ahead were enforced, benefiting me in all ways good. Also, Exeter's strong belief in involvement and giving back only makes the environment all the better. It allows for closer bonds and forms an appreciation for the hard work and kindness surrounding you either in the school itself or the community outside. The staff at Exeter is so warm-welcoming. They make it a point to put their students first, guaranteeing instant assurance and safety. They work toward one goal, success, and they go out of their ways to make sure that goal is met!
Classes are great and give excellent knowledge.
Honestly the marching band is probably the best
New experiences around every corner.
Teachers here go above what is expected.
We need more option for career paths that aren't offered BTI
They try teir best, but the students make it hard for some teachers to teach.
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Some parents are good, but some are way to into our school and everything we are doing 'wrong'.
Some kids are just mean to everyone, its not really bullying but they make me feel bad about myself, because it seems like they whisper when i walk past them.
Some people are in them, and some clubs/sports have a lot of people who are mean.
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