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Exeter-Milligan High School Reviews

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I believe that Exeter-Milligan High School is a pretty descent high school. It is extremely small, (my entire class only has 14 students) but it makes the experience more family-like. Since it is such a small school, it does not offer all the opportunities bigger schools do, but I have still enjoyed my time there. The students are some pretty crispy people.
I loved the small town feel, and being able to have close relationships with all of my teachers. I would prefer more chances for college credit classes.
We have had many championship appearances since we have joined the two schools. All the athletes are really dedicated to their sport, and work hard to get better at it. We just got a new weight room, and all the athletes have really taken advantage of it.
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There are all sorts of different foods that are served to us at lunch. The portions aren't always the best sized, they are a little small, but it is at least good that we can buy as much as we want.
There are many different organizations and extracurricular activities to get involved with. There are sports such as football, volleyball, boys and girls basketball, boys and girls track and field, and boys and girls golf. We also have quiz bowl as another activity.
There really isn't much of a dress code, they pretty much let kids wear what they want as long as it is appropriate. The guidance counselor is really helpful with getting transcripts sent in to colleges. The principal and superintendent are really good about helping students when any problems that they may have.
In this school it is pretty laid back. All the teachers no everyone's first and last name, and any student could go to any teacher and talk to them about anything. The education is great and I wouldn't trade it for the world.
Well for me I'd rather go to the school I used to go to. I went to tri county k-6th grade so this is where all my friends are.
At my school we have good spirit. The team performance is great and so is the fan support.
I go to Exeter-Milligan High school in Exeter NE. My school is very competitive when it comes to our sports. Last year in football our boys made state and took runner up for champion and the last 4 years our girls made state volleyball we won the title 3 times and got runner up one time. As you can see we take our sports very serious.
I love my school. My school is small so it comes with a great teacher-student relationship. All the teachers are willing to help you before and after school and if you ever have a problem you can talk to them and they will help you.
The teachers at my school are great. They care about you, and are willing to help you so you understand and succeed. They are always willing to help and they listen to the students opinions.
The academics that are offered are average classes. They include everything you need to be able to graduate but not a lot more. Online classes are offered too, but many people do not take them. I wish we had more classes that actually get us ready for college.
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