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The school is pretty good for a high school. I have had experiences with very good and some very bad teachers. The building itself is nice and the students are just your average high school students.
I've had a wonderful experience at EHS. Most of my teachers have been great, with the exception of a few math teachers. In the math department, at least for CP classes, it seems you either get a really good teacher who actually knows how to teach or you have a teacher who's bad at explaining things and hands out worksheets rather than explaining how to actually do things.
School culture and activities are pretty good, although I can really only speak in detail about the drama program, which I recommend wholeheartedly. Doing theatre at this school has truly been one of the best experiences of my life, and I don't know where I would be without it.
Exeter High School has a great community and is located just outside of downtown Exeter. The school itself is large and full of all kinds of different people. Most of the teachers there are great people and are full of incredible amounts of knowledge, however you will still run into a few that make you want to shake your head and walk away. Exeter High School has a wide variety of offered classes and clubs, making sure that the student always has somewhere to fit in.
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The teachers are very good, some of them are annoying but you get that with any school. the athletic facilities are great and everyone is so friendly. The guidance department is that only problem. They try to force you to do things that you don't want or don't need to do. other than this Exter High School is a great place to be and I am happy I went to High school here.
I loved the teachers and overall experience that I had at Exeter High School. There were many opportunities available, such as being a part of a school organization. I was a coach for Special Olympics and it was such a wonderful experience. After school I coached a student in track and field for the program.
I liked the school overall but I did not like the early start time- high school students need more sleep and 7:30 is to too early.
The science department is lacking and there isn’t a lot of communication in regards to how students feel.
Good environment, great school spirit. Really good athletics, good teachers, beautiful school with great equipment (academic and athletic). Exeter cares about it's reputation and constantly strives to be the best.
I had an overall good experience and made a lot of close friends. The teachers are very nice and want to teach children how to learn. They are helpful in staying after school for help or meeting during their free periods to help any students or get ready for a test.
Exeter high school is very involved with their students. The teachers are all great and you can tell they love what they teach.
Exeter High School was an utter disappointment; I learned nothing. I'm excited to go to college so I can have a more fulfilling education.
As an alum of EHS and the sibling of a current student, I can say that this high school does a good job preparing student for universities if the student has the drive and dedication to do well. While the teachers and other faculty members do their best to give opportunities to all students, they leave it up to the individual teenagers to take up those opportunities available to them. The academic assistance programs are helpful and involved in the progress of the students and try to actively involve parents in the IEP process.
Very accommodating for students with extra needs. Issues related to student bullying could be improved. Responding to student suicides not exactly stellar.
Exeter High School was a great place to learn with many opportunities such as SST as well as an abundance of resources.
Exeter High School was a great school. The best way to get the best experience is to be involved in a lot of extra curricular activities. I was apart of the varsity soccer team and it gave me something to look forward everyday instead of waking up early just to go to classes. Having something that motivates you and excites you is the best way to get through each day instead of just thinking going to school as tedious, annoying, and a waste of time.
Exeter High School has a great campus and facilities. Sports are a huge part of the schools identity. The academics can be good if students take the time to choose challenging classes. If students just take college prep classes, from what I have experienced the academics are subpar. The administration has continually gotten worst and most recently has really been having a negative effect on the school.
I was never a social person and this school did not help with that much. Being quiet, I was often an outcast because I didn't have many friends. Often, I would not be taken seriously when I began to show signs of this having an effect on me. However, I feel as though my high school provided a great academic knowledge which is much better than many high schools out there today.
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My family moved to this school district years ago to ensure we recieved the best education they could provide. I graduated over a decade ago, so I can't speak to recent changes, but most of us never realized how lucky we were until moving away from this rural area and understanding what an average or acceptable school really implies. Most of us were pushed to succeed, lived in a safe environment, and went on to college. I was challenged more at Exeter high than I ever was in college. This was a sad realization, but reflects the fact most high schools don't prepare students anywhere near the level Exeter does.
I think the best thing about this school is that I had some really good teachers over my four years there. They definitely cared about my education and success, and I learned a lot from them. I also think that the school has great culture and spirit.
As an Exeter High School Junior, I believe that the school has provided me with many opportunities to grow and develop my passion. So far, my experience at Exeter High School has been a good one, as I have been able to grow with the the challenges resented to me.
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