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Executive Preparatory Academy of Finance Reviews

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My experience at Executive Prep is average. The teachers will help you when you need help. I wish they had more sports and administration involvement.
Executive Prep is an okay because its small and a lot people can learn easier. But the problem is that the people in charge are not really involved like they should be.
overall the experience was worth while. I learned a lot meet new people and had the privilege of having great teachers. the workload was crazy at times but I got through it with the help of those around me. there are so many good people there its so fantastic
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They promised they would provide each student a computer for personal use to take home, music studio, internship opportunities, and take care of each student’s need. Those promises were not met at all! Although it is a fairly new school, they should have taken the time to come up with more profit and organization for these things to be valid. There are currently 203 students and 14 teachers, 1 counselor and no nurse. For the last three years, there have been only 8 teachers and 6 substitutes. From time to time the teachers would get fired because of lack of school budget as well. Currently, we barely have a class set of computers, most of which are broken. We have 2 clubs and 2-3 sports. I had to teach myself the subject and explain it to those who wanted to learn. This was really hard to endure, but I kept pushing myself to learn more about the concept because I love to succeed, learn and try my best.
Great school that cares about the students! I would have never dreamed that I would actually be attending a four year college. I'm so thankful for EPA.
I am a part of the first graduating class at Executive Prep! I attended the school the first year it opened and all we had was a freshman class. As I have grown the school has as well being the number one school in LA to educate African American students.
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