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Executive Education Academy Charter School Reviews

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The school is amazing. They get the kids ready for college and are very respectful. The teachers care for the students and make sure to be involved with the parents. They have rules inforced and make sure the kids follow them. They have a great system, they have student government and the student board and communities in the school, students have a say in what goes on.
EEACS is ok. It's not the best charter school, especially when it come to the high school, but it isn't the worse. I don't like how controlling and strict the environment is, especially with how high schoolers are treated as it seems like they have a condescending veiw of us, but once you get over that it's just ok. The education isn't all that and the work isnt challenging at all.
So far the best school in Allentown. Great place for kids to go and safest. Other schools do not care about the children’s well being but this school does. Great staff there.
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I have 2 daughters in the school. The only thing I wish they had was more sports for the smaller kids. They have some but it's more for the bigger kids.
When my child enrolled at EEACS from our home school district, he was in need of extremely intensive intervention in Reading and Math. Our child had to repeat 8th grade since our home school district failed to provide the appropriate support.

EEACS consistantly and tirelessly worked with our child and provided the necessary services! Within the first 4 months of school our child progressed one and a half grade levels in Math and two grade levels in Reading! This is something that our home school district failed to do for 7 years.

If you are looking for a public school that will puts the child's needs first, look no further than Executive Education Academy Charter School!

This was the best decision that we ever made for our child.
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