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Excelsior Springs Technical High School Reviews

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they have locker rooms for the basketball team but not for the football team and its kind of unfair for them because they deserve to have their own locker room to. They dont have a soccer team but theres not that many people that would want to play soccer anyway
the disciplinary system is very effective because everyone is based off of cards and how well they do in class or on the dorm and they will have to do community service and if they decide that they dont want to do it then they will ultimately get kicked out if they will not comply with the rules and regulations
the teachers let you know that they really care about you and if you ever need help they will let you know that you can approach them even if you dont feel like you need help its ok to just ask questions sometimes
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its distinguished from other schools because you can work at your own pace and you not consistantly being looked over and if you fail they will not tell you that you can not try again and practice different study techniques to make sure that you succeed.
There is a lot of over weigh individuals even including staff memebers and they could encourage people to excercise more than what they do but they will let the students eat however many plates that they chose until they are full or just wasting tons of food that other people could be eating
Health and Safety is a very important factor for this school, the nurses keep all things confidential and they will share their own personal experiences with you so you dont feel alone
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