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I think my experience overall was pretty great. The teachers were very nice and helpful, there were numerous opportunities to excel and take advanced classes, and the teachers and staff strove to create a positive experience for the students.
I loved my teachers most of all! They were always there for me and made sure to challenge their students in the best way possible! I did not like the grading system though and I felt slightly cheated being a 4.0 student but forced to accept a 3.86. I took and did well in 5 AP classes. Student motivation is also a problem in my school and not many students want to put in the effort to work hard.
Excelsior Springs High School is an average school in my opinion. Most of the faculty is extremely kind and truly care about their students, but the students themselves are intense and I don't feel safe at my school.
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I have found this High School to offer my children excellent opportunities in academics, sports, and after school activities. The fine arts programs are building and one day I hope to see stringed instruments added in the program.The counselors are extremely helpful. Most of their teacher students have become life long mentors. Glad to be apart of this school community.
I love about my highschool that when something major happens either good or bad we all come together. I enjoy seeing the kids with disability treated the same way as all of us others and how respectful we are.
I like that I can go to any teacher for help , but I wish that people would be more supportive of other students.
I think that we are all very welcoming. We don't hurt or bash on anyone.
There are a lot of diverse classes for anyone! The teachers are great at teaching it, we just wish it wasn't standards based grading. I get that it is used to help students pass, but the whole work life is about going above and beyond and getting extra work done. Such as homework or extra credit, which we don't have to do since it doesn't count as a grade. I don't think it prepares us that well for college.
Never once have I ever felt unsafe. It is a fun loving school.
They try their best to add different clubs with the budget we have, and I love it. It is a great way to get students involved.
Most parents do care, and are great. To me it seems like the parenting has gone down hill a bit. I see some kids not showing up to school just because their parents let them stay home, or just that the parents don't care anymore. They are starting to act more like a best friend than a parent. I personally think that, that's a sign of immaturity.
I loved my four years there and I wouldn't change one thing about any of the teachers there. They are very kind and want what is best for the students. They helped mold me into the person I am today and I cannot thank them enough for that. They are fantastic teachers!
We have counselors and a social worker available a majority of the time and there is an anti-bullying policy in place as well as a good nurse that is usually available but overall the school could try harder to better it's safety as fights do still occur
Extracurricular activities were present in the school but were basic such as sports, (football, basketball, soccer, cheerleading, etc.) as well as science Olympiad, math team, etc. nothing super developed but still enough to get students involved
I was not a particularly outgoing student in high school so I never went to many sporting events or choir/ band concerts but from the few that I did go to it was apparent that most students had pride in the school. My best experience was debate club.
Many of the teachers I had the experience of working with were very friendly and approachable, especially if help was needed outside of class. They genuinely cared for their students and often times put in long hours for nothing extra.
When I attended, administration and overall management was very poor. There were some great teachers there but they were few and far between.
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Overall I have enjoyed my time spent here. The teachers are great, they really care about the students, and want to provide us with a quality education. My biggest problem with my school is the amount of drugs and alcohol that students are involved in. I have seen drugs and alcohol ruin many of my friends lives. I have chosen not to participate in those things and because of my decision I have lost a lot of friends. However the few I have, mean the world to me and share my morals, which I wouldn't trade for the world. Many of the students that do drugs/drink are star athletes in my school and receive a lot of praise, while the fact that they are partying is overlooked. Students who don't excel over sports are often passed over and given no attention, even though they do not participate in drinking. All in all if I was given a choice to choose a different school I would choose mine again, my school has made me who I am today and for that I am thankful.
It would be much better if there were simply more AP Classes.
There really isn't a whole lot of college prepping until you get to senior year.
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