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Better facilities and equipment. Many in classroom computers do not work thought there are smart boards. The doors on the bathroom are sometimes broken or unable to be locked. The administration is very good a really care about each student that they work with
My experience at Excelsior is good . I learned new things at the school . They help kids get there credits up to graduate. My school offers programs to help benefit me to get into good colleges. Also they offer programs to help you pass your SAT.
The teachers and the role they play in making sure that all students, including myself are successful in all their subjects. The teachers I encountered are truly committed to their job and to the further development of each students’ academics. I would like to see more after-school activities for different student interested in different activities.
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My experience at Excelsior Preparatory High School was decent. I must say there is favoritism between students & facility members. If the teachers like you, they will give you a good grade whether you do the homework or not. If they don't like you it doesn't matter how much work you hand in you'er almost guaranteed no more than a C. The culture in the school was amazing when it came to athletics. Nobody has more school spirit than Excelsior that's one of the best parts of the school.
-Excelsior Prepatory HS can be expressed in a variety amount of words. It has its good and bads when it comes to certain situations. It’s located in a campus which is shared with 3 other schools.4schools in total and out of the 4 excelsior is one of the best, staff does try to push scholars to their upmost best and reach their success . Any how on the other side I would say some of the bad things are one, the lack of communication teachers have with scholars relationship wise, and facility meaning how things are run. Some students are put in honor classes to try and receive advanced regents and some aren’t just for the simple fact that they weren’t aware, I would like everyone to be equal and receive the same knowledge as one another , so no one can say that they’re better than one another. So there could be plenty of improvements made to help my school become the best of the best.So I just hope for the best but still prepare for the worst.
This school is great for college readiness. They have a class set up for all grades 9-12 to educate you and help you during the college process. They constantly send you programs to do to make your college application look good. Some teachers aren't very good and teaching and can't handle a class. Certain teachers show a lot of favoritism and others don't care who you are. The social worker is great and will try her best to help you through tough times. Great school for anyone who is into sports. There are multiple teams which are shared with the other schools. Mainly everyone has at least one friend so you won't have to worry about being lonely. It's not as bad as people make it seem.
The school tries it's best to serve the students well. Principal Lucas is a kind hearted woman who loves her students very much. There are clubs and sports teams held to promote the school more.
I enjoyed joining cheer leading in my junior year. It was a sport that peaked my interest from the time I first started High school
I graduated Excelsior Preparatory High School in 2016.
The High School has so much potential but the lack of resources from the board of education makes it difficult for students to get the proper education.
Excelsior Preparatory High School has very helpful people once you are dedicated. I got into many different programs because of them that was very good to me and taught me a lot. I don't think its really anything they can change.
Excelsior Preparatory is a nice school, you have a great access to teachers who really helps the students out with their academics, But there are not really enough Ap classes; however the overall vibe of the school is pretty good, and also students gets a lot of information about programs(outside of school), Which is very helpful in developing a student interest.
In an academic sense Excelsior Prep is a very amazing school. Unlike the other specialized highschool's Excelsior Prep has access to curtain programs and opportunities that you wouldn't find in other highschool's. Excelsior Prep is a very outstanding school with a variety of opportunities and experience. The teachers there are very supportive and trustworthy. They are very experienced and reliable. Overall Excelsior Prep Highschool is very extraordinary.
My experience in Excelsior Preparatory was bittersweet, there were times when I wish I transferred my school in the beginning but I'm so happy I didn't because it taught me a lot and that caused growth. Academically, the school offers many opportunities you just have to be able to work hard the receive the benefits. I would recommend the school because of the academic opportunities you gain.
My school, Excelsior Preparatory High, has not only shown me how gruesome some people may be, but has also shown me that trust is something that you just can't give out as much. Everybody wants to push you to do your best, but no one will truly listen to you and your or your struggles of trying to "make it" in life. Don't get me wrong, the academics are perfect. But c'mon we get suspended for the simplest of things. And then in some cases the innocent gets suspended and the guilty get what... a detention. I find it quite unfair. The discipline is ok but sometimes they're too strict other times just not enough.
My school is quite fascinating. The teachers are always concerned about your well being, the students are friendly and they make you feel as if you are truly a part of a family.
I liked all of the teachers and the friendly staff. They were very supportive for my education. Also the activities that they hold are very fun for the students. This includes after school activities and during school activities.
Parents needed to be a little more involved to help get things done.
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Teachers really help engage and motivate you in making the best decisions
Some kids are not able to process on certain levels a teacher may be teaching the other kids. However, children would privately go to their tachers and ask them for the help they need. The teachers at this school discipline encouragingly and prepare us students for the future.
The safety of the students is priority number one You must validate as to whether you are staff, a student or a visitor and then prove it in some kind of way before you enter the building. And then you go through metal detectors and an x ray machine. Then you are able to go into the building. The staff really keep the students safe and watch over them as if they were their own kids.
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