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All in all, the school is very affective in all students lives. The teachers are great, the curriculum is very manageable, and the workload is do-able. We do offer special tutoring and have a special ed teacher. Many of our popular classes include Robotics, English, Science and Aviation. Although our small school of 225 students has only been open for 3 years, it has and will continue to have great success. And I can't wait to be a part of the ride!
The teachers at this school are very involved with the students. They each take the time to know every students and individual that steps into the school. They each teach in a way that every student understands. If there is ever a student struggling, they take the time out of their days to teach them in a way they understand. They are all very knowledgeable on all subjects.
This school helps me succeed in my high school education. Leaving this school I am certain I will have career success in any chosen field. Excelsior ensures that you are prepared and ready to leave straight out of high school. I would ,with no doubt, redo this experience at this school if I had a chance. The school has so many diverse organizations to get involved in like skillsUSA. With this particular organizations, students compete in leadership and vocational competitions. This organization helps student to mature and get serious about life after high school. All in all, I think this school is great and can be very beneficial is so many incredible ways for every student.
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Our most famous and successful after school program is the robotics and Skills USA club. For robotics, we build a 8×8 robotic and then we program it to do the certain task of the select fame for the year. Then every 3 weeks we go to a local middle school/high school to compete against other schools in 1 minute and 45 second rounds. The SkillsUSA club is a group of our kids working on either a skill or leadership contest against our region. We vary in robotic competition to public speaking contest. The other clubs on campus include leadership, flight simulator, aviation, and the interact club.
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