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Excelsior had great teachers that care about their student's success. Although it isn't like a typical high school, my experience was a great one. The students are very nice and everyone gets along well. Education at Excelsior encourages independence, with students being able to do homework on their own time.
Excelsior is a great school with many options. You can be completely independent study, which i don't recommend for high school, or you can have only a couple classes a day for classes you struggle in and everything else that is easy for you, you can take by yourself and go at your own pace. Defenitely would recommed.
I’ve been here for around four years—this year being my fifth out of all—and my high school experience has suffered the most. Along with some sorts of drama, teachers whom have come to think that they could teach but actually can’t, and a very confusing way at testing your knowledge; the most useful thing I have gotten out of here is the fact that I can easily say that I pass
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I’ve been apart of this school for 6 years now and while it used to be a good school, they’ve changed so much and now it feels like going into prison when you walk on the campus.
I loved only having to take four classes every year. I also loved having concurrent enrollment help me through a lot of my high school career. Excelsior is amazing!!
Excelsior is an amazing school with an amazing staff and support system. Everyone there, including the students, are so nice and helpful, so you can easily stay on track and do your best!
I graduated from Excelsior (Ontario) in 2017. I enjoyed it. They tried really hard to get everyone involved in activities and doing things. Grad night was at Disney which was awesome. Mr. O was the best, and I ended up with a 4.0 so I had a good time!
Excelsior Charter School is a great school, I feel like it is really preparing me for college. I love how you can work at your own pace.
Excelsior Charter School offers a myriad of opportunities for students. There are a variety of activities and classes to choose from. The schedule is flexible, allowing students to pursue their dreams without the inflexibility that other schools offer. Also, Excelsior Charter School lets students work at their own pace, which means students can work ahead, unlike in public school, where students are subjected to learning at a pace of the average student. The safe campus is absolutely breathtaking and brand new. The facilitators are superb. The school is unparalleled in its rigorous courses and packet work. With the option of taking classes at the local college, students can even get their associates degree before they graduate high school! Attending Excelsior Charter School is one of the best choices I have ever made (and will ever make) in my life. I cannot wait until next year when I will be a freshman at Excelsior Charter School!
Good school. A little disorganized, but thats mostly because of the fact that its a newer school. Also not for the slacker. Must have excellent time management skills.
I have been to a total of 5 different High Schools, and I must say that out of all of them, Excelsior was the best. The classes and their way of doing things is so unique and truly designed to fit each student individually. It's a very positive and friendly environment, and the faculty is very helpful and kind.
The testing system makes it very easy. Second try for everything. Most of the teachers are okay and they keep the ones they know don’t do anything. I’ve had one really great teacher.
Excelsior is a great school for those that want to have a peak into college work or just simply want a challenge.The assignments are adapted to what students will be looking forward to in college. Excelsior needs to add more subjects so that all students can have a chance at something different.
I've read been to a school that is so involved with a students after High school success. It's 100% a school for those really trying to make their life worth while.
Excelsior Charter School is a great educational institute with many accessible programs to higher education. If you are a student who does not like the atmosphere of school you have option to study at home. Also their concurrent enrollment program with Victor Valley College is an awesome jump ahead for high schooler's in their journey to university. The only negative I have is that some teachers there don't quite care enough about their students. Always check up with your guidance counselor for updates on your current standing on college readiness.
Excelsior charter school is a very good school. It has all types of tools to get you thru the hard life of highschool, and get you ready for the next level which is college. The classes excelsior provides are college prep so they do get you ready quicker for college then a regular highschool could. What I would want to see change is to get all there kids campus classes because a lot of kids have trouble learning on there own rather then getting taught information from a teacher it’s a big difference in a kids grades sometimes.
I love my school. It's whole focus is to prepare students to be ready for life after high school, whether it be college, military, or other. The staff is so supportive and are always eager to help the kids. There are so many ways this school makes you pop out as a kid enrolling for college, applying for a job, or even just participating in everyday life. I definitely recommend this to any student looking to get ahead because they offer college classes to high school students as well as many certifications for medicine, flight, and other.
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I like the flexibility, the way the courses are set up, and it's nice to be able to concurrently enroll in Victor Valley College through this school.
It's a really fantastic school! Thanks to all of the absolutely amazing staff I am prepared to be a strong, successful adult.
My overall experience with Excelsior Charter School was very positive. The most beneficial part of this school was its proximity to Victor Valley College. Students could enroll concurrently in the college and use their college credits for high school credits, while getting a head start on their degree and future. Excelsior is perfect for students with unconventional schedules or the desire to tailor their education to suit their needs.
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