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Excel High School is a diverse community. There are so many cultures connected by all students. This school includes newcomers like ESL students. The teachers are so kindness and devoted to help them learn English and improve their communicate skills. Students are quite smart here and the most students like sports. They’re so friendly to make new friends. I like students in Excel High a lot.
The young people and teachers at Excel High School, are amazing and have built a supportive and loving environment. The administration however, was destructive to the learning and emotional culture that was already built in our school. They challenged student voice and disregarded the mental and emotional well being of our student. I wish for the years to come that the school finds an administrative team that supports student voice and power, as well as values the mental and emotional stress of urban students of color that see violence and trauma everyday.
I like the fact that all coaches are obligated and committed to there jobs, they help out anyone that struggles in and outside of school. Have different clubs that you can participate in and enjoy. On the other hand lunch isn’t that perfect but is better than anything. If you want to stay healthy, and of course if you play sports and have games you definitely will need drinks and something’s that will make you engage throughout your game and throughout your time during school. However, the school is pretty old but the knowledge is very powerful and the school has such amazing teacher that want everyone to be successful and definitely that’s what everyone needs in there life.
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I love all the teachers in school and they always kind and helpful. Our school work very hard to make changes to not take the level 4 school but unfortunately we couldn't by somehow.
I want and hope our school could create some method that help student go to school on time, hard working and interesting in school with after school programs.
Great school, great community. The teachers were great and always helped as much as they possible could. The students were very friendly, easy to make friends, very diverse school.
My experience at Excel was good. I got to meet new people. The environment was good. I love when the whole school comes together and have assemblies, talking about ways we can make the school better, upcoming events or fields trips. My favorite class was Global Issues. We partner up with another country named Jordan. We learn about their country and ways we can both make our communities better. It was very fun! I learn a lot from them. I learn that no matter where you are from, we are all the same. The challenge about the class was trying to figure out ways to cause awareness so everyone can make our communities a better place.
Anyone involved in the Boston Public School system is aware of the inequities they face when held up against private schools or even other Massachusetts public schools in more affluent areas, so it's unfair to judge Excel according to objective academic standards when there is a limited amount of resources to work with but since the school population is so small and the staff is full of dedicated and passionate adults, you can't replicate the atmosphere and relationships created. This is my 3rd high school and although it doesn't have the "best" education, or the most clubs, or the highest quality of sports I love it because the teachers, guidance counselors, and even principal form personal bonds with the students and they feel safe and rooted for.
I moved to Excel about 5 months ago and for the most part I've encountered passionate teachers who utilize the limited resources available to them to the best of their ability in order to make as many students who are willing to put in any effort as successful as possible. These teachers are sweet and know how to relate to students on personal levels but unfortunately they are disrespected by a fraction of the student body. Speaking from my experience I know there are many teachers who would go above and beyond to help me with whatever it takes for me to excel in my education as i near college
More opportunities are needed for students.
The after school programs are great
If a teacher sees that your lost, she will come to you and ask questions about how she can help
GThe security system is harder after seven
We have different after school activities. Especially in the first term
It seem like all the Vietnamese students that come to Boston learn here, so I'm not sure if that good or bad
My teachers are very friendly and I love how they teach us, although not the substitute teachers
Overall this school is okay, however to make it worth while you have to get involved and stand out.
My experience at the school has been fine, My favorite experience so far was taking AP Government my Junior year of High School. The class was very hard but interesting, I learned a lot even though my AP exam grade doesn't show that. But it was a great experience. I would choose the school again because it's the only High School I've attended and I'm use to it. I don't hate nor love it, It's just school. Same as if you go to a house that's not yours, you think "wow this is really nice". But when you think about your own house, its just home to you.
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Some of my teacher is talking in mu language.
It just enough calories for some students.
They always asking about my class and school.
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