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Being a student at Excel High School was a sure challenge. Each online course had 2 parts to each chapter or “focus” of the class. The first being a section of the textbook in which was to be read. The second consisting of a test. There were no learning gadgets or study guides, nor homework to be had. Teachers were merely a username on the screen who would occasionally comment “Nice job” on your essay. To graduate from this school is purely up to your dedication to your diploma. This school needs to improve on teacher-student-parent involvement and a better curriculum that stimulates the young learners mind.
A great online school very affordable and self paced great for busy students. Teachers doesn't take long to reply which is nice.
I had a very good experience with excel high school. It gave me the opportunity to complete my classes online and graduate with a high school diploma. My family moved during my senior year of highschool so being able to do my coursework anywhere was amazing. All my teachers were friendly and replied quickly to my emails. Also the administration was very helpful whenever I had a question or needed help. I’m so thankful to have found such an amazing school.
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Excel High School is different from your typically brick building highschool since its all online. I, personally, love the fact that its different and have been able to push myself more with the rigorous classload and difficulty.
I personally absolutely adored my school and all of the staff and teachers making up my school community. At times attending online school could be confusing due to not having a teacher standing in front of me, but I was always comfortable asking my teachers for help online. Every course I've taken I've been able to comfortably and confidently excel in thanks to the help of everyone at Excel!
Course work has an emphasis around teaching yourself. This discipline will be helpful during college.
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