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I loved the teachers and their teaching techniques. They were rewarded whenever things or scores looked right in the state.
Great friends and teachers. Sports and academics, something for everyone. A supportive community and involved parents. Excel panther for life.
It's a fantastic school with excellent teachers and staff members that really care about the students. My guidance counselor has worked tirelessly to help me and my fellow students with all info and recommendation letters we need to apply for colleges and scholarships. I don't feel like just a number at this school!
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I've been at Excel my whole life and honestly can't believe I'm about to leave some of the most intelligent people ever to associate with me. Excel is marvelous
Excel High School has a very good staff, every person has an equal chance of speaking to the teachers one on one. I love that the teachers allow you to have one on one time that way you can understand what you are doing.
Excel High School is a well-built school based on academics, community, etc. ExcelHigh School is number one in our county because of our excellent drive to do the best we can to our ability. Excel High School has the ability to do anything that they would want to.
Excel is a great school overall. The change I would recommend is the students strive to want to do better.
Excel High School, is a wonderful school. When I was in the ninth grade, I moved from another school to Excel. That has been honestly one of the best choice that my parents could have made for me. This school has wonderful faculty and staff that help us exceed in not only our academics but our characters and how we present ourselves.
As a current student, I would like to see improvements in academics and sports included. Many talented athletes are not taught how to treat their bodies correctly and do not obtain the exposure they need. Also, the number of AP and IB courses are lacking some, but considering the size of the school they are decent.
Love the opportunities at this school for academics, sports, and fine arts programs. Many of my teachers have become life long mentors.
It was a pretty good experience overall.I know when i was attending it was pretty good it could of been better.I was on the tennis team for 2 years and that treated me nice.Parents loved getting involved they was more involved than the students.In all honesty I don't think the safety as that good I knew multiple that there was weapons at the campus. Diversity was wide there was all types of people there when I went they mostly stayed within there groups.
As an alumni I think the school is great and has character. Now days being able to start a school in kindergarten and graduate from that same school is rare. K-12 schools need to be preserved.
I like that the teachers are so willing to help you . They want to see you achieve your goal and be successful .
I would like to see many changes.
The schools spirit has gone down hill tremendously. The teachers have no say so with the students. The students get away with everything.
Excel has very good teachers, they are so helpful. The atmosphere for learning is great. The school and learning part could not be any better. My Health Science teacher Mrs. Cindy Greene is amazing, I have gotten so much knowledge this year already. The sports atmosphere is not great, every sport competes with each other. Hardly anyone actually supports each other. Although we have our ups and down i would send my child here, its a great place for learning.
The student that are involved in sports usually play all of the ones offered. We don't have many student athletes.
Academics at my school are handled very seriously. We are held to the highest standard.
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My school has always had healthy policies in place but they could use improvement.
Usually we have whole grains foods or vegetables but the pizza actually tastes like pizza.
This school has a lot of teachers that graduated from here and want to keep the tradition alive.
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