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Excel is not what it used to be. Which is sad to say. But maybe if admin has listened to concerns from parents and students instead of shutting them down, they wouldn't be in the situation they are in right now. That being over half of the high school leaving excel for the 17-18 school year...For one, it is impossible to keep a principal. Staff is unexperienced for the most part and most classes are a joke. I have attended public school and Excel, and I can safely say, the rigor, diversity, and even at times christ like behavior is much higher at public schools, which is very sad to say. Another sad thing is that many teachers have influenced me as to what NOT TO DO as a follower of Christ. AP classes are an absolute joke. One big thing admin loves to do is to load you full of so much homework and studying that you can't even think properly, and then boast "college preparation." I am leaving this year along with the rest of the 50%, and will not return.
There seems to be a problem of false advertising with Excel. They boast stellar academics, athletics, a Christian environment, but this just is not the case. Academics are a joke. Teacher turnover is ridiculous and classes are incredibly easy. This is NOT a college prep school. Teachers at Excel often like to "trash talk" (for lack of a better term) the public schools to say how much better the education is at ECA. I transferred from Excel into a public school and was shocked at the rigor and workload of the courses compared to ECA. As for the school culture, it is very small and might be a tight-knit "family" (that is, if you have money and you fit the mold of the typical student. If you don't, good luck finding peers you can get along with.) The Christian environment is there in prayer and in chapel but never felt like the most distinctive part of my experience. From an academic perspective and the perspective of a student that always had high goals, I do not recommend Excel.
My experience with Excel Christian Academy had been really amazing. Being a small private Christian school, they have really changed my worldview, and I thank them for that. They have definitely prepared me for college really well with a lot of teacher-student interaction, to help me do my best. I enjoy the student life, because I am able to interact with students from all grades, and that feels humbling to me. I have enjoyed the two years I have spent here, and the experience will stay with me forever.
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Poor leadership results in very low participation from students.
Things have changed for the worst. High teacher turnover. 2 new principals each year, as they leave frustrated with Admin. No parent input allowed into anything but fundraising. New teachers are all fresh college grads with no experience due to low pay. Children are constantly "Ginny pigs" or learning examples due to new teachers each year.
With a turnover rate in excess of 80%+ over the last 2-3 years it's hard to rate them when they are all very new and freshly out of college with so little experience. When we had long term, very experienced teachers, they were terrific.
I think this school has a very safe environment, mostly because we have great student and teachers who are very safe to be around, and usually don't cause any harm to anyone. We rarely have any behavioral issues, and if we do its not very serious.
We have a few clubs like Beta-club, Spanish Honors Society, and many more. I personally wish there were a few more. The student in these clubs usually go above and beyond a normal student. And the leaders of the clubs are very dedicated to what each club does. Also our after school activities like dance, and sports are very fun and have very dedicated coaches and teachers.
Whenever we have an activity/assembly where the whole school gets together, they're usually always fun!!! However, some of my favorites are basketball games, field day, homecoming, and baseball games. Excel is different from other school because everybody knows everybody and we're basically all like family. I would most likely choose this school because there's never a dull moment walking around the halls or in the classroom, and also the great education. However, the main reason is each teacher's main priority in teaching at Excel is to teach them about God, and I don't think I could ever thank my teachers enough for being great examples of what Godly people are.
Not the best school but okay
Some teachers are better than others
Overall, these are exceptional teachers that go above and beyond.
I've never had the first concern. The faculty & staff without a doubt, would protect my children as their own.
For a small school, they have a good selection of extracurricular activities. Most of them give the students a very positive experience.
This school has some of the greatest potential. It was once very strong in the area of academics. I hope that that is something that returns to the school.
My experience here has been great, The teachers are extremely helpful and are always there for you. My favorite experiences were going to SkyZone as a class and being able to go to Spain on a study abroad trip. This school is unique in the fact that they make it a point to keep the focus on God, not just academics and sports. If I had to do it all over, I would go to Excel again. The teachers pushed me past what I thought I was capable of and made me a better student. They set high expectations for me, and I accomplished more than I could ever imagine because of it.
Excel is an amazing school. They are growing and with that growth there are a lot of changes that have to be made. They are making those changes. For the other reviews that talk about the weight room. They now bus the kids that take weight training to a local nice gym down the street. The have them on a routine and it works out great for the students. They are growing their athletics department and are offering more AP classes. The new principal and counselor are awesome. All of the faculty really cares about the kids and want the best for them. My son is thriving and really feels like he has found a home & teachers that care about him. Wish we would have started him here when we 1st moved to Cartersville
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There's been some very questionable administrative hiring over the last few years at the school, but overall, the the teachers made it worth it.
I've had some amazing teachers. I missed huge amounts of school for health related reasons and the math teacher literally came to my house and taught me the lesson. The teachers here are some of the nicest people you can meet.
It doesn't seem run down as much as just old. The gym has a pretty cool set up, there're no dedicated science labs. It's okay.
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