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Excel Center for Adult Learners Reviews

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The Excel center is such a GREAT and positive school. My life coache go above and beyond to help me in ANY way possible to make sure I achieve my goals. My teachers are very under and helpful, they don’t mind giving me extra attention with class work I need help with. Even the students encourage each other and push each other to do great! I love the atmosphere and environment. The Excel center offers you so many different career advancements as well as college help. They will help you prep for college and for your fafsa application. I love how you are working towards your high school diploma no matter your age v.s a GED. It’s a great program that I recommend to EVERYONE!
Worlds best school! Fantastic teachers and learning experiences. Need help with anything every staff member is there to help you with your needs. Able to learn in our own way rather it is by sight, hear, or hands-on learning. The staff is understanding and know life happens all you have to do is communicate with them.
It is an amazing school with an amazing staff of teachers that take time out of their schedule to help those who are still striving to succeed in school.
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Everything is fast paced but you get done with everything and will be out of there as long as you communicate and do what you gotta do the teachers great staff great
This was more than just a school, The Excel Center became family. I was constantly pushed harder to succeed and I did because of the staff members there. I walked in the doors my first day thinking I couldn't do it, I wasn't smart enough. My last day, I walked out crying, missing everyone and proud of what I accomplished.
The school was great, but it was in an environment where it shouldn't be. The only reason I went to this school was because it was very close to where I lived. Everyday, I would walk to school and walk home, about 5-10min each time. I also loved the teachers. If you needed help with something, or if you needed someone to talk to, they were always there. They also help with getting a job, and they also help you with getting into college. They help you with filling out your financial aid and help you apply to grants and scholarships. Overall, this school was great, and the teachers helped me out a lot by letting me finish strong in everything that I do.
This school goes out of their way to make sure you graduate
I attend online so not sure about any of these.
Not sure about sports for this school.
They offer things to help the students.
People often get told something everyday by teachers.
It wasn't all that bad.
The Excel Center has a nice building, the classes are slightly small but can still accommodate any one that enters. The technology could be better with a wider variety of devices available. Tutoring is available to any student that needs or wants one.
At The Excel Center it is a fast paced environment but with focus and determination any one can complete the course and obtain a high school diploma.
The teachers at The Excel Center are truly passionate about teaching. I have not seen such dedication in any school previous to this experience. Every teach in this institution is willing to repeat or reword a lesson as many times as it takes for everyone in the class to understand what is being presented.
I have not used the school food services at The Excel Center, but I am told that it is satisfactory.
The school policies are made very clear from your first day. All teachers, administration and tutors are available to give guidance and assistance with school work. If a policy is not followed there is communication regarding it and it is not made a public ordeal. This school operates on positive reinforcement.
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The Excel Center is an adult school for obtaining a high school diploma. The extracurricular activities were very few. Because there were only a few not everyone has the opportunity to participate.

We are a school were very small in numbers so it was easy to become friends and get to know everyone, In turn it was easy to ask peers for help in class work and feel comfortable that every one was getting positive assistance.
At the Excel Center there are signs posted and information is available for health clinics.
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