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Excel Academy Charter School Reviews

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I leanred a lot from this school. The administration and teachers taught us not just academics but skills we will use for life.
I love this schoolbecause there is a lot of structure and discipline. They care about the students and hpw they excel. This is one of the best charter school there is out of all the charter schools. If you want my opinion my daughter who came from a BPS school of 4 yrs transferred to this school and is doing much better than how she did in the Public school. I feel BPS schools are to lenient with their student.
if you want the best for your child dont put them through hell by putting them in a school(military school) like this...if you want the best for your child.
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The teachers at my school will do whatever it takes for you to pass the class whether its giving you extra credit work, a chance to retake a test, stay with you after school, or sign you up for extra tutoring. When they see you struggling they push you're thinking above and beyond and ask you questions until you get them right. They are also very accepting and approachable people who are very committed to the students learning/
Excel Academy has a very high academics percentage with being one of the top 10 charter schools in Boston due to high MCAS scores.
Excel Academy tries it's best to keep everyone safe since safety is their #1 priority.
There is only 10 clubs in total which is quite a lot for it's first year but there could be more.
All the teachers are friendly and caring for their students. They always try to help a student out when they see someone struggling with something they are confused about.
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