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Excel Academy - Englewood High School Reviews

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Excel Academy Englewood is an awesome school. what I love about it is they give out great support & affection. They give out great opportunities & also make sure we good on the needs excel Academy Englewood always doing fun activities that no other campus has done I really love excel & I take pride in it it's a really excellent school .
This is the best school that I have ever been to. They make sure that your well groomed, and will stop at nothing to motivate and uplift their students.
I can't say enough about this school. This school changed my daughter. She disrespect and dont care about me........ after going here she started to care. Now she goes to kennedy king and is making something of her life.

The staff is the best and always helped whenever i needed them.They care so much
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They may be strict but they help out with your attitude. Excel helps put your priorities in check. They're not like other schools, they are different.
The teachers give us stern curriculums but give it to us as tiny pieces to help us understand.
Excel Academy of Southwest is mostly made of African Americans and Latinos. Majority of the students have hard lives so joining Student Council or Flag football wouldn't be on top of their "to do" list.
We don't have many extracurricular activities but we do have softball,volleyball,chess,baseball,and flag football
Excel Academy is a second chance for students.Students all over Chicago go to Excel because they've made mistakes in their previous schools.Many kids didn't have another school to go to and Excel Academy was their last resort.Every child in that school has a story.We're all there because we've made mistakes whether it was fighting or missing too many days of school.My school is the school for second chances. When I first started I admit the school was the last place I wanted to be ,but seeing how the staff really cared about us and pushed us really showed me this is exactly where I belong.If I could do it all over I would it's great being somewhere where the staff wants you to succeed just as much as u want to.
The teachers at Excel Academy are great listeners and they really take the time to understand the students and their problems.They try their best giving every student the attention needed and they try to make the class as engaging as possible.
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