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My experience was a little less than average but not quite poor. There are some really amazing teachers there. The school also has decent music and performing arts programs. I really liked how instruments were provided for the students from the school at all schools in the district. Some days the food was good. Some days it didn't look appetizing at all. I wish i was provided with more information on dual enrollment and AP classes before it was too late.
Ewing High has given me many memorable experiences, but still remains an alright school that has a lot to work on.
Very diverse school. Plethora of activities to get involved in. Very active in the community, and aware of political events. Many activists attend this school, and their voices are heard.
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Ewing High School is your average public school; you get out of it what you put in. Without nitpicking the minor issues, the biggest problems lie within the schools teaching staff and college preparedness . The schools strengths lie within the athletic program, extracurricular activities, and diverse student body.
If you stay motivated this is a nice school to go to, but if you begin to slip academically, there are limited opportunities to bounce back.
Overall, it was a great high school. The teachers were great, and the staff was terrific. This school had a variety of sports and activities and is diverse.
I've been in Ewing High School from my freshmen year to my senior year and overall it's all right. The teachers are not that bad, and I feel as though I have learned a lot. The school lunches could definitely be better, but that's the same for about every high school. In total, it's a pretty good school.
Overall going to EHS was pretty average nothing amazing happened nor did anything too bad happened. The school was very diverse having kids from all walks of life from white, black, Spanish, Asian, middle class, lower class etc. Always the chance to meet someone new. Lunch room food was not the best. Really only got pizza and salads when available. The teachers were 50/50. You could get an amazing teacher and learn a lot or one that did the bare minimum. The school activities were cool like spirit week when the students actually participated. Even though it was average I did make good friendships and some interesting memories
I would like to see more teachers involved in students' success because there are only a handful of teachers who are like that.
Ewing High has wonderful teachers and staff members who truly care about the success of every individual student. If you ask for help, you'll get it. Lots of students, including myself, get involved in school sports/clubs. There's something for everyone club wise from Anime Club to Art Club to Glee Club to Culinary. Whatever you're interested in, they have it.
it's an okay school, nothing bad to honestly say about it. There are lot activities do here and lots of student government.
My first day of high school made me think why did my parents send me to middle school before sending me here?! It was so exiting. Although I was nervous about the being here, I enjoyed the hustle and bustle of the movement and activity the student population brought.

My high school has many dedicated professional educators. I credit them along with my family for motivating me to be a better person, student and athlete.
My primary goal for going to school is to become a teacher. I always wanted to be a teacher since I was younger and I will finally be able to pursue my dreams. I want to teach in an urban area because I see the struggle those kids go through and I feel for them. Instead of just being interested in their academic success I will be interested in their overall well-being, making sure they are happy, healthy, and whole. No child left behind is something that I will live by because each kid should get the same opportunities. I never like to see people struggling, especially when it comes to children because they are almost helpless. Children cannot control the environment that they grow up in but they definitely can control their destiny. I would help kids find the right path and make sure that they stick to it.
Ewing High School is a great environment school.You meet people from all different backgrounds. There are times when you would like to get assistance on something or even just resources there's times when no one really wants to help you so its more like favoritism. Overall it is not a bad school to go to for four years and receive your diploma. The changes that I would like to see with the high school is changes in the lunch food,some staff, and even just the building itself.
Ewing High School has certainly been a memorable experience. Growing up, the most common thought that went through my head was "man, I wish I went there", but of course "there" was anywhere but Ewing High. The academics were fairly easy and rarely challenging, coming from an A-B student taking both honor and AP classes. The food was memorable, but not in the good way. Organization throughout the school was minimal. The district did not seem to care about teachers on leave and replaced them with sub-par substitutes. Despite these, I am glad to have been a student of Ewing High. The exposure to the diversity through races, ethnicity, religion, beliefs, and ideas was truly a worthwhile experience and I could not have gotten it anywhere else
What I like about Ewing High is that most teachers push you to do better. They take academics seriously.
Overall, Ewing High has prepared me to further my education into college. Even if you srent going to college or a university, it prepares you for your next steps in life. The teachers are more than welcome to help students, if they ask. When it comes to student life, students are involved in many ways. There are various clubs and sports that you can participate in. During spirit weeks, students will go all out to prove that their class is the best class in Ewing High. This school is a perfect place if your child loves to be in a diverse setting as well as receiving a quality education.
I would like for the school to push more classmates bonding trips or courses. I think as seniors we should have more last hoorah moments within the school such as senior trip getaway, class ring, activities geared towards us getting ready to graduate. Otherwise, HS is what you make of it.
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Over all I had a wonderful experience in the school the teacher and students created a learning and nurturing environment for me to succeed well I would like to see change is the cleanliness of the school and the extermination of the mice and roaches
I transfer to Ewing high school my sophomore year all the way from Miami, Florida to Ewing, New Jersey. I have to admit at first thought I didn't like the sound of the school or the image of it. My first year at Ewing was amazing teachers and counselors were there to offer help, some of my teachers at Ewing I consider them as my best friends, Ewing High made the best 3 years of my high school year a blast with their school spirit and how welcome they are. I will represent OTD all the way (Only The Devils).
This school has a great deal of diversity and also offers many engaging learning experiences/projects. I would like to see smaller, more intimate classes so the students can truly build connections with teachers.
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