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Ewen-Trout Creek Consolidated School Reviews

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They only choose the good kids.
I've had good times and bad times.
They are very good at what they do.
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We dont have a school nurse but the office can take care of that. The state police come to our school often. We practice fire escape routes and stuff like that.
There are a few clubs. There are robotics, quilting, Merrill painting, and a few more.
This school is amazing. Some of my favorite experience is homecoming. The games and dress up days can be pretty crazy. This school is unique because there isn't a lot of bullying and the teachers are there to teach and not for a paycheck.
The Teachers like to help you pass if you do not wait till the last minute. If you wait till the day before the quarter ends and ask for help with 10 worksheets they will more than likely not help. If you ask when the assignment is given then they will help. Most of the teachers are involved with after school activities.
There is a basketball, football, volleyball, track, and cheer leading team. The fan support is okay, it could be better.
Ewen-Trout Creek is very strict on anti-bullying and never hesitate to hand out detentions and
The School spirit at Ewen-Trout Creek is phenomenal. The stands are always jammed packed with cheering fans and the athletes always give them a show worth their money.
Ewen-Trout Creek offers basketball,football,cheerleading,volleyball,quiz bowl, 4-H, little league baseball, bowling, boys scouts, and girl scouts
Teachers in Ewen-Trout Creek explain topics thoroughly and always give enough class time to ask questions and get a good start on the assignments.
The thing that makes Ewen-Trout Creek school unique from other schools is the size. Most schools around the U.S. have 400 kids to a class but here in Ewen the normal class is only 20 students, everyone knows each other. Its not uncommon to see a senior playing basketball with a bunch of 7th graders at lunch time or talking to a 9th grader about the weekend past.
We've had some things written on the bathroom wall that threatened the school and the principal took it very seriously to try and find out who did it. Also we have had drug dog searches through all the lockers. The school is very good in keeping us safe.
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