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Ewa Makai Middle School, was a great middle school that taught a lot of discipline. It prepared me for High School, with 3 lates leading to a detention after school. After school detention consisted of cleaning the schools campus such as picking up trash around the school. Taught me a lot of responsibility, due to always having to wear your name tag so staff can identify you at all times, and if you didn’t have your name tag you had to wear this big green sign with your name on it all day. Overall, it was a good school with great teachers and always positive vibes! I loved my AVID teacher, and miss everyone there so much.
Teachers are very engaging and honestly want to help you pass. They also give you advice on what to do after middle school.
Ewa Makai Middle is one of the best schools in the state of Hawaii because each day that I attended Ewa Makai, I felt safe, loved, cared for, and motivated to learn. With the AVID program preparing me for college, I felt ready to go. I didn't feel alone because there were so many other diverse students. My parents were involved and aware of my school life, I had clubs as well as sports that held my interests, made friends, ate delicious lunch, and had resources that could support me physically and mentally.
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My son has greatly improved his grades and study skills. I've had GREAT communication with teachers. I think his teachers have one of the greatest influences on his attitude. He ASKS to stay(WHAAAT?!) after school to retake or finish work/tests/projects. We recently were blessed to transfer my stepson and he has greatly improved. We've had a lot of pick sides and HORRIBLE communication, sometimes no response from his prior school, both from the office staff and teachers. His first day at EMM expressed how helpful his teachers were and the atmosphere and his opinion of both students and teachers (ones he had crossed paths with) were much better and positively school focused. There are still the hard head classmates, my stepson being one, but overall he was much more happier. Again, the teachers for my stepson made him feel like they wanted to help him, he had expressed this to me and I'm happy for both him and his brother because both had all A's mid-quarter.
An excellent school filled with lots of great and enthusiastic teachers. Most technological advanced and environmentally friendly school on in Hawaii.
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