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E.W. Thurston Middle School Reviews

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Academically, it was pretty good. We got full exposure to different arts classes every year -- a rotation of art, drama, culinary education, and tech (which got discontinued recently) -- a great faculty, and high quality education. Socially, it stank a bit. There is little to no diversity in the Westwood public schools, and it shows. Kids would make fun of my heritage and my holidays, claim the Holocaust never happened, and say "jokes" and other comments that made it hard to get up in the morning sometimes. Westwood is currently trying to tackle this issue head on, but I know that a lot of it is going to go under the radar and probably won't be noticed or addressed for at least another few years. If you go or are going to go to Thurston, keep an eye out and stick up for the kids who get hurt by this type of behavior. It makes a world of a difference.
Class sizes are ridiculous. Some students have to sit on the floor because even if there were enough seats, they would not fit in the small classes. Students do not even have time to get lunch let alone eat it, the lines are so long. Student behavior is unruly esp. during lunch hours. The consequence is for all students and not just the ones that are making poor choices. There is barely any homework. It is very difficult to gage whether or not your child will be prepared for high school.
Absolute best Middle School around. Great technology, programs and astounding teachers. Way better than Westwood High School, according to all of my kids!
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The town has recently improved all recreational areas and is providing good maintenance.
Better teachers than we might find in the local private schools.
Convenient location with excellent teachers and administrators who are driven to succeed and excel. They set reasonable, yet stretch goals for themselves and their students. Parents work hard and are committed to the kids.
The sports teams are high quality and many options. Drama/Musical offerings have been outstanding.
They hold frequent parent education evening sessions on timely topics (teen suicide, bullying, time management, etc.)
Our daughter did not attend elementary school in the town. She started at the Middle school in 6th grade. Everyone was very accepting and she was able to be included and make new friends easily.
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